Time to get fly
  |  First Published: December 2016

Freshwater fishing in our lakes can slowly start to get tough this month, due to the consistent hot weather, high water temperatures and extra angler activity. To maximise your chances of some action this month, you’ll need to focus your efforts super early, late in the day and into the night especially. I say night especially because during the hottest months of the year, the best action for the natives comes after dark. The water and air temperatures drop to a much more comfortable level and the fish – just like us – feel more at ease to head out in search of a good feed.

As for lure choices this month, stick with natural colours and lures without rattles and too much flash. If you’re targeting natives, it’s hard to beat plastics, either by themselves or rigged on chatter baits and Angel Baits. If you fish heavy structure in the form of trees or weed, rig your favourite plastic on one of the new Insanity Tackle spring spin weedless jigheads. These jigheads have proven super popular and successful since their release and can be rigged weedless, meaning much less snags. They also have a small willow blade that spins below the plastic to help draw in any fish from far and wide.

If you fish Blowering this month at night, the wall area of the lake is definitely worth a shot. It gets flogged at times – but the sheer amount of fish in that area warrant putting up with dozens of others trying to score a few monsters. Alternatively, head right up the other end of the lake and fish some of the large flats around Ye Olde area. There are stacks big fallen gum trees in that area that always hold some monster fish – and these fish don’t get targeted as much, so are often easier to catch.


The trout fishing in most of our local streams has been sensational since the opening of this year’s trout season. For the first couple of months, it didn’t matter what you chucked at the trout, they were all over it. Lure fishing was probably the technique that yielded the biggest numbers. Simply covering as much water as possible with feather tail spinners like Rooster Tails, Cocktails and especially Insanity Tackle Bling spins were very hard to beat. These lures will still catch you fish this month, but if you want numbers, it’s time to concentrate on flyfishing.

There are a number of reasons why flyfishing takes over as the most productive technique at this time of the year. Firstly, most fish have been caught on lures several times already – the fish are starting to get much harder to catch this way. The main reason flyfishing is so productive at this time of the year is the fact that mostly in summer, the trout eat insects of some description. Most of these will be the aquatic nymph insects, so it pays to always have a nymph dropper at worst, but double nymphs are the way to go.

On top of the nymphs, we have a smorgasbord of insects above the water that the trout just love to munch on, so dry flyfishing can also be insane at times through this month. A good all-rounder this month is a hopper dry fly with a nymph dropper – this will work all day long in the deeper creeks and rivers. In the smaller, shallower creeks, all you need is a good well floating dry fly to have fun watching trout rise to your dry all day long. Do the hard yards and hike away from the main access areas to be rewarded with some of the best stream fishing in the area for the last few years.

New website

Those of you who have followed my writing for the past decade will know I have a website (www.mrfreshwater.com.au) where I help educate anglers through DVDs and personal interactions. We developed it so people could tap into decades of experience and expertise, and we always make the time respond to every enquiry we receive. I now have another new website (www.insanitytackle.bigcartel.com) where I’ve made available some unique lures, jigheads and plastics, so check it out and see what’s new!

Until next month, stay safe and good fishing.

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