Fish seeking out cooler conditions
  |  First Published: December 2016

Looking back, 2016 was a successful year in the region on the fishing front. There was always a style of fishing that produced results during every month. Even during July, which is usually one of the slowest months, turned out to be one of the best!

In 2017 the fishing is set to be even better! With the huge amount of rain that we received during spring, the rivers had a good flush of water, which coincided with the natives’ spawning season. Not only has the environmental factors helped our fisheries but also the mindset of anglers around sustainable fishing practises, catch and release and helping restore native fish habitat.

January can be one of the hottest months, which means fishing early in the morning, late afternoon and into the dark is your best option.

Blowering Dam

The first month of cod opening was a cracker, and this will continue in January. The start of the month will fish well, but if we receive a patch of 40° days the fishing can be tough. This will push the water temperature above 26° and the fish will become uncomfortable and push deeper in the water. This is why trolling in the dark is such a successful method of fishing.

It’s not uncommon to see a dozen or so boats on the water at night on a weekend at Blowering Dam, and it’s because the technique works. Trolling large lures like the 150mm AC Invader with a 40ft bib is my preferred technique. Try to find the steeper banks and keep your lure within 1m of the bottom. If you manage to find logs on your sounder, keep a note of them and troll over them more than once. The big fish in Blowering will always hold tight to structure. Fishing your lures deeper at this time of year will help you find aggressive fish; 6-9m is the depth to concentrate your efforts on.

Casting the steep rocky edges early in the morning can be a great technique. In previous years we have landed some great fish on large FX Fury soft plastics and Mud Guts Big Guts Spinnerbaits. Casting these big lures tight in against the back until about 9am is another good technique to try.

Blowering can be slow at this time of year so you will need to put in the effort and hours of work. Spend the time on the water and you will be rewarded with colossal fish. And if you’re a bit stuck and cannot seem to fish any fish, troll a black lure!

Murrumbidgee River

The Murrumbidgee River should be running high with irrigation flows, and usually at this time of year it will be constantly steady. This is good as it gives the fish a chance to find structure high in the water column where they will become comfortable. When the fish are able to stay on the same log for more than four or so days they will feed well. When the water rises and falls it can shut the fish down.

Fishing tight in against the bank with both spinnerbaits and hardbodies is the best technique in summer. Target the shaded areas, tight in against the bank and near structure. The fish will hold right up under logs, gumtree roots and undercut banks. Early in the morning and late afternoon is when the fish will be feeding the best.

Lake Albert

Lake Albert is always worth a fish but during January the water may be extremely warm, which could slow the fish down. Fishing during the morning is your best option, as the water is cooler and the fish are on the move. Fishing a variety of lures like lipless crankbaits, small hardbodies and spinnerbaits will catch both yellowbelly and cod. Another option is to cast surface lures in the dark for cod, as the cod feed on large moths at this time of year.

All up, summer is a great time to be outdoors and on the water. There are plenty of great fishing opportunities, particularly during low light periods. If you are fishing during the heat of the day, remember to wear sunscreen, quality sunglasses such as Spotters, and protective clothing.

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