Fish are increasing in number
  |  First Published: December 2016

Where has this year gone? Those who braved a lot of the often cool and windy conditions have been rewarded big time with the natives just on fire all over the lake, from September right through to now. It has something to do with the relatively slow increase of the water temperature – the temperature rise is normally very fast and jumps from 10-11°C up to 16-17°C in a month, but this year’s had cooler temperatures.

It has taken the best part of three months and has seen the fish gradually increase in numbers week to week, which is fantastic for all those who have been up for a session. As the weather gets better, which it has to eventually, we might see a strange summer this year. If the fish keep chewing like they have been, anglers won’t mind too much at all. Let’s face it, when the weather isn’t ideal, it certainly keeps skier and jet skier numbers down, which is great for us as fishos, that’s for sure.

Yellowbelly reports have been coming in thick and fast with good quality fish to boot. Very healthy sized schools throughout the bays and main arm make it easy to sound them up and get into them. There have been loads of cod caught as well from 55-95cm. The good old StumpJumper is still the go-to lure in white, green and yellow.

Fisheries released a picture of the cod nesting boxes loaded with eggs. After a very fast and hectic spawn, these eggs will produce thousands of Murray cod that will find their way all over the state of Victoria, over the next year or so. Thanks again to the staff at Snobs Creek who do an incredible job.

A massive congratulations to Stephen Vidler on his appointment as the Program Manager at Snobs Creek Hatchery. A vast load of hard work and dedication over 30 or so years has culminated in securing this position. It is thoroughly deserved and anyone who has met Steve would know of his passion for fishing on every level. I couldn’t be happier to have a bloke of this calibre playing such a role for the future of fishing in Victoria. It’s already good and I believe it’s going to get a whole lot better.


Yellowbelly reports have been coming in thick and fast.


Quality yellowbelly have been on the chew!


Jayden Moseley with a chunky cod.

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