Dreaming of a calm Christmas
  |  First Published: December 2016

This month’s report has been compiled by Les Jones.

The reef fishing has been a bit quiet lately because of the blowy weather we’ve had. It’s been rare to get more than the odd morning or afternoon of good weather. However, when those rare weather windows have opened, there have been plenty of good fish caught.

Reef fishers have reported bagging out on sweetlip, with a few trout mixed in. Casting stickbaits over the shallow reefs is becoming ever more popular for anglers targeting trout and sweetlip, and some of the best producers have been the Maria Loaded, X-Rap Long Cast Shallow and Nomad Madscad.

A few red emperor are also being caught, mostly in 35m+ depths, and this is expected to continue.


The dams are really starting to fire, which is great news for barra lovers who suffer during the closed season. Quite a few barra have been caught at Awoonga and Callide in recent weeks. Anglers have been picking them up in a wide range of locations, which is unusual. A number have been coming from the mouths of old creeks, and from drop-offs where the depths might go from 5m to 10m. Lure fishers have been getting good results on Lethal Barra Slayers and Jackall Squirrel Hank Tunes, long with a wide range of 5-7” plastics.

We went to the Cania Family Fishing Classic last month, where a lot of bass and saratoga were caught. Some quality fish were weighed in, with the winning bass going 560mm. Successful lures included the Jackall TN50s and 50s, and the Tilsan Bass.


Mangrove jacks are starting to go really well in this hot weather, with good catches being reported from the Boyne and Calliope rivers. If you want consistent catches, you really have to get your lure in tight to cover. Resign yourself to losing a lot of gear!

There are still a few flathead and some nice bream being caught around the harbour. They aren’t thick but are still providing good fun for kids baitfishing from the wharf.

The crabs were late this year, but some big tides in November started to get them moving. We recently dropped a couple of pots in the Boyne and got some good bucks, and there have also been good reports from Port Alma.


The fishing in December should be really good, especially for jacks. Impoundment barra will be exceptional too, and the crabs will be on the move. If the wind stops blowing it will be good offshore as well – just be careful of the storms!

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