Summer species will heat up soon
  |  First Published: December 2016

Summer is officially here. For the next few months, dawn and dusk fishing sessions really come into play, especially to avoid the hottest part of the day. For many species, these are the most productive times to fish, which is a bonus. 

In the bay, pelagic species have increased as the water temperature has risen. Bonito, mac tuna, school and Spanish mackerel, cobia and longtail tuna are working the bait schools and have been caught around local reefs, channel markers and the Urangan Pier. Golden trevally are also working the same area and hunting the flats along Fraser Island.

Local reefs are still producing plenty of cod. Sweetlip, blubber-lips and blue tuskfish are at their prime over the summer months. In the estuaries, summer whiting, bream and flathead are continuing to fish well and there have been plenty of big threadfin and grunter caught in the Mary and Susan rivers and on the flats.

On the troll, things are starting to improve after a late start to the Marlin season. The first reports of a few fish inside Rooneys were at the start of November. Previously, the water was a little cold and there were still plenty of whales around, which will have moved on when the Billys really fire up.

There were still a few Spanish and school mackerel taking trolled skirts and hardbodies. Plenty of mac tuna are around Wathumba. Overall it was a slow start to the season. Let’s hope it was just a late start and the fish are soon as thick as they’ve been in recent years.

Have a merry fishy Christmas and I’ll catch you in 2017.

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