Our favourite BARRA set-up
  |  First Published: December 2006

The big barramundi of Queensland’s impoundments are growing to amazing sizes. Some fish are reaching average lengths of about 110cm to 115cm in impoundments like Peter Faust Dam and Lake Awoonga, and landing these monster barra is a Herculean task.

These freshwater heavyweights are very tough on your gear, so using quality reels and rods is very important. Many people come to barramundi dams with cheap reels, bendy rods and flimsy tackle and suffer the pain of lost fish.

If you want to take barramundi fishing that next step, we recommend you use quality tackle. There’s plenty of good stuff out there, but here’s what we use.

Millerods Camoufish BARRA

Ian Miller is one of Australia’s leading rod builders. He consistently produces quality fishing rods for all types of fish targeting techniques, and his new BARRA range of rods are nothing short of awesome.

The HI-Roller is one of these rods. Developed for long casts, HI-Rollers are suitable for covering ground over shallow weed beds and drop-offs. They look great, are rated to 8-15 kg and are currently selling for around $640. Have a look at the website www.millerods.com.au, for more information.

Shimano Calais 200DC

Shimano’s new Calais 200DC is the second reel developed with digital braking technology. Four modes of casting can be adjusted by opening the escape hatch on the side of the reel. These modes are Extreme Distance mode‚ Long

Distance mode, Accuracy‚ and Wind mode, which allows for long casting into a headwind. These features mean more fishing time and fewer backlashes, which means more time fighting big barra!

One disadvantage however, is that they are quite expensive, retailing at around the $1000 mark. However, the features they provide do help you catch more fish. The Shimano website (www.shimanofish.com.au) has all of the facts and figures.

Whether you’re casting or trolling, quality set-ups will improve your big barra catch rates. This new set-up which we have described is an awesome example and we highly recommend it on the big barramundi of Queensland.

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