Water time to be fishing
  |  First Published: November 2016

With the best possible start to a spring season this year in regard to rainfall, things are getting better for fishers in the upper Goulburn area.

Much of Victoria and indeed large expanses of the whole country received above average rain to record flooding. The health of our river systems and subsequent quality and abundance of fish is truly exciting. As well as a great natural flush of the waterways, the demand for irrigation water downstream of Lake Eildon is much less than in the previous few years, allowing for more natural flows and settled fishing activity.

Bait has been the absolute standout for fishing enthusiasts in our area over the early to mid-spring and start of the trout fishing season. With scrub worms and the standard ‘run of the mill’ earthworms being naturally being flushed out from their earthen hiding holes and washed into our streams, creeks and rivers, it’s no wonder they’re the choice of anglers at this time of year, accounting for plenty of trout of all sizes and some quality redfin as well.

Spinning bladed lures such as Celtas have worked well, as usual, as the added vibration and commotion of the spinning blades attracts attention in the discoloured water. Local fish magnet Nick Taylor has been having great success during times of slightly discoloured water and subsequent high flows using Z-Man GrubZ in motor oil colour with the addition of a blade on the jighead. The ultraviolet visibility and the added flash of a blade on jig heads such as the TT Lures, Rev Heads has certainly made the difference in attracting some great trout around this area.

Flyfishers have had a great season on the trout so far this year. Again, fish are in better than average condition. Throughout September the cooler temperatures seem to have delayed a lot of insect hatching activities. This will certainly kick off in coming weeks and months with warmer weather. Trout being targeted later in the day by local and visiting fly fishers have been unusually indiscriminate, taking a variety of flies but no real pattern to aim at. As larger hatches start to occur and the fish can be choosy about what they target, I’m sure they’ll slip back to the usual ways and demand more observation by flyfishers to examine what fish are chasing and ‘match the hatch’ more closely.

The good old Eildon Pondage has been consistently fishing well, with regular stockings of catchable-sized trout and ex-brood monsters from the nearby Victorian Fisheries Snobs Creek Hatchery. Worms, mudeyes, local dough and PowerBait have all been working well at the pondage. Tassie Devil style lures in pink, orange, lime green with various splashes of these colours have been taking plenty of fish. Although many other variations of lures catch plenty of trout in the Eildon Pondage, these time-favored classics continue to be the choice of many anglers due to the reasonably heavy body that allows good casting distance, easily maintained action and general affordability.

Continue to enjoy the great fishing season we’re experiencing in the Upper Goulburn area this year. As the warmer months come on, it’ll only get better.


As the local streams start to clear and flows subside, the action will stabilize.


There's plenty of smaller trout to keep the flyfishing fraternity amused.


With the usual worms being flushed through the system, bait is working wonders.

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