Rain-Blow Beach
  |  First Published: March 2008

I think we may have to rename this area Rain-blow Beach, as the strong S/SE winds just won't let up.


Unfortunately, there is not a great deal to report as the strong winds have only allowed a couple of trips offshore. But we still managed to pick up a few red's, which mustn’t have been too fussy as we were not tempting them with live baits.

The other species that have been on the chew are parrot, squire, Moses perch and plenty of husser. The close reefs are producing some quality Sweetlip and only one bait managed to tempt them – Nuclear Chicken Gulps. It seems that if you could afford the expense, Nuclear Chicken Gulps would probably be all you would need in your box of tricks.

Spotted mackerel and the odd Spaniard have also put in an appearance, but they are very late this season. Less rain and cleaner waters in-close would change everything.

The Wide Bay Bar has been in pretty good shape. The southerly swell tends not to upset the bar too much, even in 25-knot winds.


For the last couple of months our beaches have been in a bit of a mess. There is a tonne of sand missing, and a lot of rocks have been exposed making access difficult. However, I have had reports of very big bream being caught around the exposed areas of Mudlo and Middle Rocks, along with the ever-present dart.

Good whiting are being caught on Teewah Beach and, even in the strong winds, the shallow drains have been producing well using live beach worms.


Up in the creeks, out of the strong winds, has been the best place to hide with some live potty mullet. So far it has been a terrific mangrove jack season and when the jack's haven't performed, big flathead have kept most anglers busy.

Mud crabs love all the recent rain and they have become very active, but the girls are out numbering the boys 5:1.

I have recently upgraded to a bigger vessel and have retired my smaller boat. If anyone is chasing a reliable 20ft platey give me a call. Keely Rose Fishing Charters ph 0407 146 151.

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