Signs of a great whiting season
  |  First Published: October 2016

It’s October and this means it’s snapper time again, but there is much more going on than just these red beasts. The calamari fishing is still red-hot and some really promising whiting reports are already filtering through giving us a nice indication that it will be a huge whiting season this year.


It would be wrong to not open the report on the snapper, and so far everything is going according to plan. The upper reaches of the port is where a lot of the action has been, and I would expect this to continue on in a similar pattern throughout October.

David Goldsworthy took his friend Lesley out on a recent weekend and spent a few hours up in the Bouchier Channel. Lesley was rewarded with a very nice 3.3kg specimen that took a nice squid strip at the top of the tide.

We are going to see heaps of snapper reports from a lot of different areas in the coming months as we see a lot more people head out on the water. Some days can be so hectic that it almost seems like there isn’t anywhere left to fish! It’s in these situations that we often see some of the better fish for the season, and it’s those who think outside the square that often get those fish.

Fishing shallow for snapper has become insanely popular and is very productive, as has been proven by the amounts of reports we get from places like Lang Lang and Bouchier and Boultons Channels.

Use your sounder to find a small channel or gully and you will be surprised at the fish that will hold up there. It’s not often spoken about, but some of our favourite whiting grounds, like the edge of the middle spit, hold some really nice fish. The top of the tide is when to target these fish as they get up into the mud on the hunt for a feed.


This would have to be one of the best calamari seasons on record, and it seems to get better and better every year.

The land-based anglers have had a great little run of squid off the Warneet Pier and plenty of anglers have been down there armed with a squid jig to try their luck. The water is often a little discoloured around the jetty, so darker jigs tend to be a stand out here.

Think big and take size 3.0 and 3.5 size jigs, as not only do they attract the larger models, but they also sit better in the tide, allowing you to get the jig to where the squid are.

Kallan Braid-Ball and his old man Geoff spent some time drifting along the Quail Bank on the hunt for a squid and they were rewarded in the best possible way! The boys were throwing around Clicks jigs in sizes 3.0 and 3.5 and in a short 45-minute session, they left with seven squid and every one of them was an absolute beast.

The Tyabb Bank has also turned it on in the squid department with oversized models a frequent capture. Young Jonah, who is the nephew of Jason Portelli, found himself on the end of a few big calamari in a sweet little session recently and local legends, Tyler and Chris, found some great models by floating a couple of baited jigs under floats out the back. This is a method that has taken a back seat in recent times as the popularity of artificial jigs has exploded but it is still a deadly way to catch calamari.


I know it’s a little early, but the whiting reports coming from the Middle Spit have been too good not to write about!

By no means have they been going completely bananas, but there is enough there to make it a worthy option, even with the excitement of snapper fever in the air.

Peter Kasidiaris and his dad, Spiro, got their bag on a recent trip and the old pipi with a little strip of fresh squid over the top was just too good to resist for these hungry whiting.

Shaun Furtiere managed a few trips before getting stuck full time into snapper charters earlier in the month and more often than not, got his clients onto some really healthy models up on the top end of the spit. I know Shaun is a massive advocate of fresh bait, so my money would have been on him using fresh mussels and calamari for bait!

There we have it, another month down and as we get gripped by snapper fever for another year it will be very interesting to see how it all unfolds in the months to come.

Thank you to all who submitted a report and good luck to all of the fishos out there for the next month.

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