Eildon cod now fair game
  |  First Published: October 2016

The weather gods have been kind to us with the lake now up to 60% and rising. All we need now is a wet spring and who knows, she may just fill up again! Here’s hoping.

For some reason the last month or so has produced outstanding fishing, but I’m not sure why, because we have had lots of rain but quite balmy conditions throughout September. Even back in August it was like spring was already upon us.

The wind hasn’t gone away either, but you can always find calm water in the multitude of freshly filled bays.

David and Kim Munn have been doing very well lately catching some very well-conditioned cod with a lovely looking 75cm green fish hitting the deck recently. Top shelf work guys, keep it up!

It’s great to see some locals enjoying this time of year.

The go-to lure at the moment from several sources seems to be white StumpJumpers. I’m not sure if size is as important as the colour, but whichever way you look at it, the trusty old Stumpy is a fish-catching machine, regardless of the colour. Stumpies are also excellent value for your dollar in comparison with a lot of other lures on the market.

On a recent trip for Clive Pickin it was a gold mine. He landed a beast of a cod, and it was very typical of this waterway with its amazing condition and health.

This season I’m making a suggestion to up the strength of your mainline and leaders, because some of these cod are enormous and ridiculously powerful, and you don’t want to be busted by a big cod. Trust me when I say, it hurts.

I recommend a minimum of 30lb braid and up to 50lb for your leader. Even with your drag locked up on your reel with 50lb leader, there is still no guarantee of success once a big cod gets you back in the snags.

The yellas will fire up very soon, and I’m tipping a bumper year, as the entire fishery is getting better and better every year, particularly on the natives.

As for the redfin, there hasn’t been quite so much activity.

The trout seem steady, but a lot of the trout are still quite slabby and lacking condition, but this spring is all about the natives, and now we can actively fish for cod all year round in Eildon, so enjoy it!

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