Get coated in rain
  |  First Published: October 2016

There’s only one thing worse than having water drip feeding down your Birdsville Track and that’s having wintery ice-cold water dripping down your Birdsville Track. If like me, you fish out of an open boat, then you need to have options for when Huey sends her down.

Of course, the easiest option is to move away from open boats into a cuddy cabin or such. That’s a real backward step in my opinion. It’s so invigorating, being out on an open boat in Queensland.

There’s nothing like the rush of fresh air in your face, and the occasional squirt of saltwater from a large wave over the bow.

Mind you, there’s nothing like a cubic metre of water coming over the bow from a broadside hit, or the sting of a full-blooded squall on your face, as you pissbolt for the boat ramp. That’s a big chance when I’m driving. Go flat out or go home, is my motto.

For that reason, I like to make sure I have good wet weather gear, a coat that doesn’t leak through the seams with a comfortable hood to stop the rain dripping down your neck. That coat has to be long enough to stop rain dripping down south too. I went to a great deal of trouble to get the right coat after being stuck offshore with Skipper one weekend in CQ.

After that 10 hour episode, I decided to invest in a long pair of waterproof pants and a long waterproof coat – having waterproof trousers doesn’t mean a thing when you’re wearing a short coat.

It was a longer coat than I wanted, so I had to save up for it. I had to save up for it, because I’d already lost two coats at Turkey Beach.

I’d like to say I lost two coats at Turkey Beach because they were stolen, but in all likelihood, I lost them when they got blown out of the boat.

And I’d say the new one got stolen too, but I think I put it down somewhere and forgot about it...

That’s the last I saw of the coat I saved for.

So I ended up with the cheap and nasty coat that I can’t seem to lose.

Bloody thing won’t get blown out of the boat no matter how I try.

It was there last week when I got stuck in an out-of-season thunderstorm. At the time, I was anchored up beside a half cabin, annoyed to see two blokes continue talking in the safety of their protected little cockpit, munching on bikkies. I hunched over in my centre console, shivering as a couple of inches of cold September rain dropped on my head. And into my track.

It would be nice to say that everything turned out right, and I don’t need to save up again for another, longer coat, because the cheaper shorter one did the job and protected my behind.

That would be a lie. To be honest, I can’t blame the coat and I have to blame myself.

I left my waterproof pants on the roof of the car at home, and they got lost somewhere between there and the ramp.

It’s not easy being me.

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