Waverider’s 4.5 tiller – more than meets the eye
  |  First Published: October 2016

The Sunshine Coast’s Pat Jones has been fascinated by boats his whole life. You may know him from his successful product, the Kapten Boat Collar, which turns your rock-n-rolling tinnie into a safe and stable fishing platform. He’s also YouTube famous for his surfing a tinnie with a Wave Collar on the bar at the Mooloolah River (search ‘Kapten surfing’ on YouTube) and getting some serious ‘tinnie-air’.

His Waverider hull concept, however, came from his desire to build in the features of a Boat Collar into a tinnie itself. Therefore, the Waverider hull – with large, full length, reverse chines – was born.

The 4.5m version is the smallest in the Waverider range and it suited to tiller applications up to 50hp.

And if you were to read no further in this test, let me outline the three standout features of this rig, which is Pat’s own fishing machine.

Firstly, of course, is the stability. The reverse chines that generate the stable attitude in the water are 15cm wide at the transom and maintain that width the whole way as they wrap around to the bow – just like the Boat Collar – creating a step-out at the bow.

The wide gunwales allow nimble anglers – like Fishing monthly’s own Michael Fox – to easily walk around the boat at that level, illustrating the ability of this hull. Remember, too, that the beam of this boat is less than 2m. Other manufacturers generate stability by disproportionately increasing beam, which can create ride and trailering problems.

Secondly is the build quality. The entire hull is cut from 4mm aluminium sheet and foam filled for level, upright flotation. Apart from the peace-of-mind that the flotation generates, you can hear the solidity of this hull as you drive through a moderate chop. It lands softly and feels solid. No rattles or flexing.

Thirdly, there’s the ease of use. Rarely do you see a 4.5m tinnie with a fully customised aluminium trailer. And by that, I mean no adjustable bits. The trailer for this Waverider has all of the skids welded into the correct place and apart from the running gear, there are no moving parts.

Gone are the days when it sounds like there’s a flock of budgies following you down the road on the way to the ramp.

With the hull recessed between the wheel arches, the hull sits low enough to drive on and off on even the shallow, cruddy ramps that we are used to in Queensland. Believe it or not, that can be a game changer for some purchasers – the ability to keep the partner, fishing buddy or kids dry in areas with minimal facilities is a real plus.

There’s a dozen captioned images here showing you through the rig, but if you scan the QR codes hereby with your smartphone you can see the video of the full boat test and Pat’s tour of the boat.

We know that from a fishing point of view, this layout won’t suit all anglers. It suits Pat and his fishing style, but alternative rod storage and holder configurations are available – you just need to start the conversation with the builder.

As tested, the rig, powered by the frugal Suzuki 40, weighs in a $32,900, but consider in your purchase the fact that there’s a custom-built ally trailer and the build quality in the hull and you can see where the money goes.

For more information, visit www.kaptenboats.com.au or call Pat on 0467 506 131.

Quoted performance figures have been supplied by the writer in good faith. Performance of individual boat/motor/trailer packages may differ due to variations in engine installations, propellers, hull configurations, options, hull loading and trailer specifications.


Chine Beam1.70m
Chine width15cm
Hull Weight380kg
Height on trailer1.45m
Width on trailer2.26m
Capacity4 persons
Max hp50
Material4mm plate alloy 5083


Level flotation

Storage under seats, under front deck and side pockets.

6 rod holders

Large anchor well

Transom splash boards




Scan the QR code to see the full boat test with Steve Morgan and Pat Jones.


Scan to watch an in-depth walk through of the 4.5 Waverider with Pat Jones.

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