Sweetwater off chops in October
  |  First Published: October 2016

Things are really starting to heat up in the tropical north, and I’m not just talking about the temperature! The fishing is really starting to fire and all of the iconic species are become very active!

The impoundment fishing can be absolutely off the chains at this time of year, so do yourself a favour and plan a trip to one of the many impoundments that the tropical north has to offer. Some of the most memorable sessions for mighty barramundi can be had on an afternoon surface bite. Making your surface presentations weedless and working them over and out from the weed edges is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping from this iconic sports fish! 

The sweetwater fishing is always a great way to get outdoors and explore some beautiful country. Taking a wide range of lures is a great way to find out what the fish want. If something isn’t working, change it up until you find what works best.

Some days, surface lures will be the best option and other days, small soft plastics will be the desired presentation. There are so many options these days, it can become very confusing deciding what to throw. It’s all about trying new things and finding out what works. You will soon work out what artificial presentations get the results in certain situations. 

Mangrove jack become very aggressive as it begins to heat up. The little pups are so much fun to catch on the light gear in the fresh! They can be caught in super shallow water, and I have even had one race out from its snag on its side about 3m away to destroy my lure. It’s pretty amazing stuff to watch, especially in crystal clear water! Remember to make your offering look as natural as possible when targeting these little devils! They are super quick and will snap up most well-presented artificial lures that land in their domain! A tight drag and the appropriate abrasion resistance leader is a must, even for the little fellas! 

Jungle perch (or JP) are the true gems of the tropical northern sweetwater! If you haven’t targeted this magical species yet, you need to! It’s the country that you end up in that makes searching for this species so special. Most of the time, you feel like you’re in a scene from a postcard! It’s a really great experience and is certainly something you won’t want to do just once!

They are a very switched on fish, relying heavily on their senses to know what’s happening outside the water. You have to use all of your hunting skills to land a few. One wrong move and you may shut them down and have to try your luck at the next pool. They are a fantastic looking fish and put up a fun fight with plenty of line peeling action! Truly a must for any angler! Give it a go, you will love it.

I wish everyone safe adventures out there in the great outdoors.

Catch you next month! 

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