Reds are thick right now
  |  First Published: October 2016

We’ve had a brilliant run of stable weather combined with great fishing. Offshore, snapper have really been on the chew, both in close and out wide. Live yakkas have been the gun bait to target the larger fish, so it’s been well worth the time spent rounding up live baits. The benefit of using live bait is that most fish will have a go at them.

Red emperor have been active on our northern grounds. Again, live or fresh yakkas are the go-to for the reds. We continue to pick up some nice pearl perch – I’ve found soft plastics are out-fishing baits with this species. Amberjack have fired up in certain areas offshore and metal jigs are doing the trick there.

On the beach, we’ve seen another run of tailor come through, specifically on dusk around the Oaks at Inskip Point. They’re only small, but plentiful to pick up a feed. Flathead have been an easy target with soft plastics and weighted pilchards proving to be the best baits.


On the Great Sandy Straits, flathead have been thick. Pretty much all areas are holding very active flatties. Most soft plastics will work in your favour if you’re targeting them. As the weather warms up, mud crabs will make their way onto the menu. It’s well worth throwing a couple of pots into your favourite spots now.

October is very similar to September and is a good fishing month, for snapper and red emperor.


A regular guest on the Keely Rose with a pair of reds to take home.


Plenty of snapper are on the chew.

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