Amazing fishing opportunities this month
  |  First Published: October 2016

It’s that time of year again for a mad keen fisho, where there’s not enough hours in the day, and not enough days in the month. Just about every freshwater species will be at their easiest to catch for the whole year. The trout season opens, and they haven’t been targeted for four months, so they won’t be easily spooked. They’re also hungry after the lean times of winter. Add to this the golden perch fishing, which is fantastic during October, and you see why it’s easy to complain about the lack of time. I didn’t even mention the insane lake trout fishing or the quality redfin.

Golden perch

Native anglers in the area will be getting their fix with monster goldens at Blowering, and enjoying the small window of opportunity for polaroiding at this amazing fishery. Mid to late afternoon is best for golden perch action right now, as it’s when the water temperature is highest for the day. Early morning is one of the best times for polaroiding, when the yellas are sunning themselves and are quite easy to spot with a good set of polaroids.

These fish will be mostly sitting in the treetops or the backs of weedy bays in pockets of weed. Cast to them with flies or plastics to entice them. If you’re super prepared, it’s hard to beat switch baiting with yabbies for these picky fish. If you find a fish follows but won’t hit, or you spot a fish before it spots you, cast an unweighted yabby and allow it to slowly sink in front of the fish. It’s often too much for the old greedy-guts goldens to resist and will out fish all other techniques. This is one of the most highly underutilised techniques, fishing for clear water natives in Australia.

Trout season open

Trout anglers will be dusting off their gear in anticipation for the new trout season, which opens on the first day of this month. Last season was great, and thanks to the amazing amounts of consistent rain and snow over winter, trout had perfect spawning conditions. If the run in the Eucumbene River is anything to go by, this season could be better than the last. The Tumut River, and many smaller creeks and rivers in the area, will be worth fishing hard this month.

Another overlooked place that fishes sensationally at the opening of the season is the Eucumbene River. Some years, there’s still a massive population of rainbow trout in the river that haven’t quite finished their spawning run, or haven’t yet made it back to the lake. The fishing can be fantastic some years, and there’s often no one else around – a recipe for an awesome day river fishing for trout.

If the Tumut River happens to be flowing low and slow on opening weekend, then it’ll be hard to go past fishing there. As the fish have not been targeted for several months, they can be easy to catch – probably their easiest for the whole season. Spinning with bright flashy lures, like Rooster Tails and Insanity Tackle Bling spins, is hard to beat early this season. You cover lots of water this way and any hungry fish nearby will struggle to resist.

After the first couple of weeks, fish will slowly get wiser and harder to catch. When this happens, it pays to start using more natural lures like small minnow shaped hardbodies. Try the CD3-7 and F3-7 Rapala range or anything you have that is similar. Alternatively, flyfishing is super this month, but you’ll mostly have to fish sub-surface for the best action. You’ll get the odd fish to rise, but get crazy numbers by drifting nymphs down deep. Try a double nymph setup with a red Copper John nymph and a black, olive or brown nymph. This will catch you fish all season, but is absolutely dynamite during the first few weeks.


Andrew Behnke and his three year old daughter Josephine, fishing the Eucumbene spawn run in freezing conditions. Josephine was entertained by Dad catching plenty of good-sized fish. The Eucumbene River is often overlooked at this time of the year, but it’s worth a look if you’re in the area.


Big trout like this will be on the cards in lakes and running water this month, as the official trout season kicks in October 1.


Golden perch, weed and twin-tail plastics – it must be October. Fish early for your best polaroiding opportunities at Blowering Dam this month.


Another beautifully marked rainbow fooled by the two nymph rig. This twin fly setup is hard to beat in our rivers and streams.

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