Trout lakes and golden rivers
  |  First Published: October 2016

The cold weather has finally left us alone and we have the beautiful spring weather upon us. Golden perch fishing is now in full swing, in both the dams and rivers. Now is the best time to be casting for fat goldens, as they will be feeding up like crazy before breeding. The alpine lakes for trout are really turning on. Trout are feeding in the shallows and river goldens are beginning to school.

Blowering Dam

Good old Blowering is looking as beautiful as ever with the high water levels and fat goldens. The perch are well and truly feeding now as the water temperature is about to hit 16°C. Fish will school up in the twiggy trees like last year, and it’s not uncommon to pull numerous fish from the same trees.

Fishing can be tough though, especially on calm and clear days. The fish will become spooky. You’ll most likely receive lots of follows from fish that are interested, but turn away at the last minute. This is exciting and frustrating at the same time.

The best conditions to catch goldens in Blowering are choppy and uncomfortable. This provides the fish with cover and protection, making them confident to take a lure. Another way you can catch spooky fish is by fishing the dirty water. Find areas of muddy water and fish along the colour change. Where the water goes from dirty to clear, the perch will be patrolling the edge looking for food.

As always, soft plastics are the best option. My favourites are the Berkley T Tail Minnows and Minnow Grubs rigged on a 1/4oz or 1/6oz Nitro jighead.


Fishing has finally come good again in the Murrumbidgee, after the winter rains we received. Water is up and running again, ready for the summer irrigation. It’s clearing up and at a more steady height. Golden perch are in good numbers and can make for a great day’s fishing. Spend a day on the river casting small hardbody lures, like the 70mm AC Invaders and 80mm Strikeforce Cod Stalkers. Standard 5/8oz Mud Guts spinnerbaits are another good lure choice.

Fishing along the river, you’ll come across a number of Murray cod as well. Just remember, it’s closed season and they need to be released. Target the willows and smaller twiggy snags, as this is where the goldens will school up.

Tumut River

The Tumut River is definitely worth a fish during October. The water will be on the rise like the Murrumbidgee, but will still be fishable compared to the summer flows. Trout opening on the October long weekend is a great time to target trout. They will be active coming out of their spawning run, and with little fishing pressure, they’re a prime target in the region.

You want to target either side of the fast water and the bottom of rapids. Trout will hold in these areas waiting for food. First and last light is always the best option when fishing the Tumut River, as the water is always clear and the fish can be hard to catch in the middle of the day.

Best lure choices are fluoro colours and trout imitations, small hardbodies and soft plastics in trout patterns, the spotted dog colour and spinners. Find out more about targeting trout this season in my feature article in this edition.

October is a great month to get out fishing in the region. With beautiful warm weather and active fish, it’s one of the best fishing months of the year!


Goldens are on the bite! Soft plastics are working a treat.


These fish like to school up around trees.


Choppy, uncomfortable conditions are best right now, as the golden perch look for cover.


Sometimes the fish will follow only to change their mind and turn around.


Another way you can find spooked fish is by fishing the dirty water.


Trout will be more active coming out of their spawning run.


October is a great month for fishing.

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