Fishing with friends
  |  First Published: September 2016

It’s fabulous to see the lake rise up and over the 50% mark. Three months ago it seemed unlikely, with the weather gurus saying there’d be a wet winter and then changing their minds to dry.

They seem to get the weather wrong a lot. As well as being extremely wet, it’s been a windy winter. This makes for uncomfortable fishing trips, but it hasn’t slowed down many anglers. Solid numbers wake up to have a crack on a regular basis, which is great. Anglers who put in the hard yards seem to have more luck.

James Dainton, from Ballista lures, was recently up giving his new coloured Dyno 90 a run. He had great success – top work! Ally Macklan showed James how it’s done with a great result on a very tough day. I was out there with good mates Milt and, old string bean, Ringers. Without turning a reel, these guys can fish. It’s not all about catching fish, when you’re on a boat with two other loose ‘units’. The banter and verbal spill is something special in itself. A great day was had by all.

On a recent trip, Chris Farrugia and company had a typical Eildon day – a bit tough. One fish can make up for it quick smart, and it did, with a beauty of an Eildon cod. There have been plenty of anglers camping up around Big River, who have had a lot of success flatline trolling Tassie Devils, Rapalas and Cranka minnows in the fire trout pattern. Surprisingly, there seems to be a yellowbelly caught every three weeks or so. It’s very odd this time of year, but who’s complaining. I would love to see more getting active in the colder months, but I won’t hold my breath.


Ally Macklan is hardcore, with a chunky 60cm cod.


Chris Farrugia is happy with his pretty Eildon cod.

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