Calm days equal insane fishing
  |  First Published: September 2016

The fishing inshore and coastal estuaries have been insane and should stay like this while the weather looks to stay calm. The mid-winter downpour that sent the river into a small flood period should prove beneficial coming into summer and really help with putting some good numbers into the river. Over the first couple of days of the rain some great barra had been caught, and even better ones pulled once the river had settled.


The freshwater lagoons and creeks around the region are beginning to fire up. So far there has been mainly tarpon for me, but others have been getting barra in areas like Woolwash and Twelve Mile. With the coming months getting warmer the barra are going to get more onto the bite, which makes for a great afternoon session on the way home from work.

We have been using the Ecogear SX40, Lucky Craft Pointer 48 and Bevy Pop. Using poppers has been somewhat productive but the barra have really been more stuck into sub-surface lures worked along the tree lines.


Grunter, golden snapper and Moses perch have really been fired up lately with many decent fish caught up Corio Bay and Coorooman. These fish have been sitting off the rock bars in the areas and the most common method of targeting them is using prawns, live ones or lures, either are working great.

Around beach headlands and pressure points there have been lots of queenfish, salmon, dart and trevally. A recent four-day camping trip gave me a chance to give my Palms Molla 732 a run for its money, I was able to use this rod for most of the fishing I did from the decent queenfish through to bream and whiting.

Halco Twisty lures made for a great lure off the beach for all these species mentioned. I spiced up the standard Twisty with a single assist hook up top and a single hook on the bottom. This worked great and in my opinion saw my hook land more fish than others using a treble at the rear.

Whiting have been found just along the drop off line around the estuaries coming off the flats, fresh yabbies and worms will see you catch a great number of these fish in no time.

Flathead have been a great species this year showing up in good numbers. These prehistoric estuary dwellers have been regularly caught on live prawn and herring along with deep diving lures and, as usual, soft vibes also making some quick work of them.


The port area of Fitzy has produced some great threadfin recently. Many of them are being taken on live baits at night, and with lures during the day. Target them around gravel type coffee rock areas in amongst the flats.

One of the best live baits in the area at the moment is the adequate supply of poddy mullet, these can be targeted with either a cast net or fish trap. A single 6/0 circle hook pinned through the shoulders of the bait will be easily capable of capturing any of the snooping salmon.

Inshore regions

The Keppel Group has been fishing great lately. Lots of people have been catching fish from coral trout to sweetlip and cod. The mackerel disappeared for a while after all the rain and the vast amount of freshwater the Fitzroy pumped out after the downpour.

Micro-jigging continues to be a very successful technique with large coral trout, cobia and the usual trevally and queenfish caught on this luring technique. The typical baits used lately have been pike, garfish, mullet and squid.

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