Wrestling red devils on light gear
  |  First Published: September 2016

It’s a beautiful time of the year up here in the tropical north. The weather is perfect for being outdoors and fishing has been red-hot, with plenty of line-peeling action. And it will only get better!

Sooty grunter (also known as black bream) have certainly been playing the game in the freshwater rivers and streams up here in the far north. They always put up a great fight and get the adrenalin pumping as they try make their way back to cover. They are a cool species that like to fight dirty, and will make the angler often spend some time under a snag trying to extract them. But that’s half the fun! The sooties will have a go at most artificial presentations. Throwing surface lures is a fun and visual way to get a bend in the rod. A well-presented soft plastic will also work a treat. Remember to have that drag set nice and tight!

If you’re after some fishing tranquillity, a jungle perch session is in order. The cooler weather is a great time to head deep into the jungle to experience some of the best land-based fishing available. Remember when targeting this amazing species that all your hunting skills come into play. Using as much stealth as you can will increase your catch rate. Try to walk upstream when possible and get behind structure when making that sneaky cast into a honey hole. These fish are switched onto everything that’s happening around their environment, so one wrong move can shut down the hole. Make the most of your opportunities and you will get rewarded. Jungle perch fishing really puts your angling skills to the test. It’s a great way to enjoy some beautiful country while targeting a truly unique fish.

Juvenile mangrove jack are so much fun on the light gear! If you can get your lure as deep into their snag as possible, you’re in with a good shot of hooking onto a few of these little red devils! Tiny grub tail plastics are always going to get the attention of a sweetwater pup. TT Lures now have a lighter weedless option for the smaller presentations. They are called the SnakelockZ, and they are absolute dynamite to get you right into the strike zone! That territorial aggression bite is the one you are after during the cooler times of the year. Keep peppering that nice looking snag from every angle, and you will eventually get their attention. Give it a crack. These fish are awesome fun to catch in the crystal clear sweetwater. They have amazing markings and produce some of the most exciting light gear fun you can have! They are such an amazing species.

That’s it from me! Catch you next month. Until then, fish on!

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