Road to Stanage is looking good
  |  First Published: September 2016

Stanage Bay has had a wonderful month. Winter rain stirred the creeks, beef and reef. The council graded the road – our driveway. They carted thousands of square meters of gravel road base, and for a while things were looking up. The potholes and corrugation on the last 15km were gone.

Then the rain started.

It was fantastic. The council moved out and the hardy fishing tourists moved in, without one complaint.

The creeks receded nicely to the salt waterways. Our estuary, Thirsty Sound, has five exit mouths into the coral sea. All the waterways benefited. The freshwater barra washed through, and some were hooked on keen anglers’ lures at the roadside. Muddies were flushed from their holes into deeper saltwater, and then into the freshly baited crab pots. Thirsty Sound saw the best winter muddies in years.

Blue and king threadfin salmon showed their scales, and so did the cod, bream and grunter. With the road being open and in good condition, bigger boats came into town. When the weather dropped out, the boats were out, and fish were in the boats. There have been humble showings of quality fish, including coral trout, red emperor, red spangled emperor and usual grassy sweetlip. Get to Stanage for a good time. All the accommodation is inexpensive, so everyone can enjoy an affordable stay.


Muddies are in good condition, just look at this beast!


Emperors like this beauty are on the bite.


Nice coral trout have been showing up, along with red emperors and grassy sweetlip.

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