Electric Glasses shock fishers
  |  First Published: December 2006

Over the years I have tried and tested many sunglasses so when the opportunity arose to test some Electric Visual Eyewear glasses I jumped at the chance.

Electric, a company that is flying up through the ranks of polarised lenses and quality frames, began in Australia in 2000 and was launched by Kip Arnette. Electric Visual sunglasses are known all around the world in surf, snow and water sports.

The glasses are made in Italy from the highest grade polycarbonate lenses that are as scratch and impact resistant as glass lenses. All lenses have 100% UV protection. A few models come with Electric glass polarising lenses which weigh a little more but are far more scratch resistant – sometimes the only way to go for anglers.

The frames are made from grylamide so they are lightweight and durable, and are finished off with a 3-barrell stainless steel optical hinge system.

Electric currently has around 20 styles in the range, which will continue to grow as the company expands. Frame and glass combinations are endless. There’s a look to suit every angler, male or female, who is looking for a pair of stylish glasses to wear on the street and on the water that will show you what’s going on under the surface.

Where to start?

The three models that I tried are my favourites for spotting schools of fish, snags and even sand banks. I looked for a lens that would work best in overcast/lowlight conditions but still performed in our bright Australian summers. As far as frame goes, different colours are available, and the hinge system ensures there is no pressure on the side of your head after a long day out on the water.

So, how much are you looking at spending? Options start from $149 for the polycarbonate and around $300 for glass. They’re not cheap, but quality sunglasses should last you a lifetime if you look after them.

When I fish the Gold Coast’s vast canal system and I rely on my sunglasses more than any other part of my tackle. They are the only tool I use with every cast I make into the water. They control where I cast and how I retrieve my lures as I watch the lure gliding through the water around the jetty poles.

I remember looking down the poles and noticing a school of fish that looked like bream holding in 10-12ft of water, but on the next glance I noticed the square-ended tail on the fish. As an avid mangrove jack lover I quickly realised they weren’t bream – they were my favourite little red friends. After a quick flick my lure floated upstream near the fish and I immediately connected to a nice little jack. I saw some fish were still sitting in the current behind the pole so I cast again and landed another three jacks around 35cm. If I hadn’t been wearing the sunglasses I would have had a quick flick and moved on. The bronze lens helped me to see through the water and find some fantastic fish.

Bushy introduced me to a style of fishing in a NSW river and I wouldn’t have had any success without my BSG and Technician sunglasses. I was casting very light or unweighted jigheads into snags and needed to be able to see the jighead sink into the snag. This way I could flick it around the top and edges without getting snagged up.


This model has fashion and function in mind, and has a larger lens than most to minimise rays that sneak in though the side and bottom. These come in a polycarbonate or glass lens and in this model alone there are 16 lens and frame colour options. I found the bronze lens worked perfectly in fresh and saltwater. The bronze lens works perfectly in fresh and the slightly heavier glass lenses really performed in the saltwater.


I have worn this style for comfort and fashion purposes for 12 months. They are extremely light and well fitted to my face. They have 8 frame and lens combinations. I use a grey in the glass lens pair and a bronze polycarbonate pair.

You can view the glasses at www.electricvisual.com or at fashion and water sports stores throughout Australia. Just look for the lightning bolt on Electric Visual Sunglasses. For additional information, call Electric Visual in Byron Bay on (02) 66807955. – Travis Davies

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