Golden season springs into action
  |  First Published: September 2016

Warm weather is finally here and that means the spring golden perch run is on. This is an exciting time of year, as we get warmer, more enjoyable days with plenty of hard pulling impoundment goldens. Unfortunately, the Murray cod season has now closed for three months, so make sure you aren’t targeting our iconic species. They go into their breeding cycle now, and we need to leave them undisturbed until December. This is an excuse to tackle the fat resident perch.

Blowering Dam

A unique place to fish! To the locals, it’s known as one of the toughest locations in the state to fish, but it’s beautiful, and produces the healthiest and fattest fish. We have just come off the back of a cracker August month, with catches of monster Murray cod. Now we’re warming up for the spring golden perch run.

September is usually the transition month where fish start to move again and come out of hibernation. The first two weeks are hard work and slow fishing, as the temperature rises from single digits back to double. If you want to chase golden perch, make sure you fish your lures extremely slowly. The best choice of lure right now is definitely a small soft plastic. I use Gulp Minnow Grubs and PowerBait T Tail soft plastics, rigged on a 1/4oz or 1/6oz jighead with size 1 or 2 hook to match the plastic size.

Cast to the standing trees, let the plastic sink right to the bottom and make sure you wind slowly, all the way back to the boat. In September, a one fish day will be a success. Later in the month, the fish will pick up. Every year, there’s a week when the perch just fire – it usually falls in late September or early October, and it just depends on the weather. To be sure you don’t miss this insane bite, be on the water.


The Murrumbidgee River is finally on the mend in terms of good fishing. The fishing was poor towards the end of the winter, but now the rains are slowing down and the weather is warmer. The fishing will follow suit. Golden perch will migrate upstream, and need to feed in the process. Warm weather makes them active. Flows will start to rise in preparation for irrigation season. Cast small hardbodies against the twiggy snags. The back flows are best. Small AC Invaders like the 50mm or 70mm would be my first option, or the Strikeforce 80mm Cod Stalker.

Old Man Creek

This gem is probably the pick of locations this month. It’ll warm up the quickest due to the shallower water, and become a great place to fish. The same small hardbody lures cast right across the creek, and slow rolled back, will work. Small 1/2oz Mud Guts Spinnerbaits are a gun choice for this little creek. These lures were actually designed for this waterway – they’re always worth a try. Always have lures in purple for yellas.

That’s the wrap for September – action will be full swing in spring. Until next time, happy fishing!


A river golden taken by the author on a Mud Guts spinnerbait.


Jim with a great Blowering perch taken early in the season.


A light spin outfit it vital for casting small soft plastics.


The author with a chunky golden taken from some trees on a slow rolled Gulp Minnow Grub in pumpkinseed colour.


The PowerBait T Tail Minnow is perfect for picky goldens, early in the season.

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