Fishing the rising water
  |  First Published: September 2016

The central west dams have had a big rise in the last few months, and with all the run-off, I can’t wait until the water becomes clear, because at the moment the water is a little dirty.

The bait anglers are doing well on the edges of the dams at the moment, as the fish have moved up into the freshly flooded ground to feed.

I mostly fish points when the water is rising, as I find the bait gets more concentrated. As they move around the point, the big fish move up as well, and sit there, as it’s a great opportunity to score an easy meal.

The best way to target the points is with lipless crankbaits and blades, and three you can’t hit the water without are the Jackall TN60, The Jackall 60mm Mask Vibe and ZX40 blades. These have been the real game changers for me over the last few months.

When it comes to fishing these points, I like to make my way around the point, from one side to the other, and I sit my boat about 20m off the bank. From here, I cast as close to the edge as I can, and most of the time I’ll work my lures back with a slow hop retrieve, trying to send out those irresistible vibrations that yellowbelly find hard to ignore.

There are three retrieves I like to use when targeting yellowbelly around point. These retrieves are the slow hop, the burn and kill, and one I like to call bottom bashing, where the lure gets dragged very slow along the bottom with small lifts in the mud or sand – fish just can’t resisted a slow moving meal.

When fishing the dirty water, colour of lures can really make a difference. I like to use bright colours that stand out when the water is dirty. However, when the water is clear, I like use dark and natural coloured lures.

Have fun this month. This is the month when the yellas really come out to play, so make sure you get out there!

• For all the latest info on what’s biting and where, drop into Tackle World Orange at 66 Peisley St, Orange or call them on (02) 6361 8924. You can also see the latest specials and catches at www.facebook.com/TackleWorldOrangeNSW.

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