Get in the zone
  |  First Published: December 2007

This is the time to get in the zone for jewfish, flathead, bream, kingfish, whiting, snapper and don’t forget the prawns. Where else would you want to go?

The reports have just kept coming of bream on lures, jewfish up to 20kg and whiting to 900g on bloodworms.

It is going to quite a busy month and all of the favourite fishing locations will be crammed with boats. So whether you are travelling or intend to anchor, please give the boat closest to you a little room. Space yourself a reasonable distance off if you intend to anchor and I’m sure this will alleviate a lot of cross words.

The same should apply if you are passing an anchored boat that is fishing and has lines out. Be patient and be courteous when boating.


Prawn numbers in Lake Macquarie are building and they find their way out of the lake through Swansea Channel.

The prawns are available all year round but the numbers intensify from November to April. The best time to target the prawns in the channel is around ten days after the full moon.

Those who are after a few for bait can save some time by simply walking the shore after dark with a prawn scoop and light. Best locations are along the western side of Swansea adjacent to the fishermen’s co-op or any stretch of weedy shore around the southern or western areas of the lake.

If you are after larger quantities, your best bet is to take up a position in the channel.

Target a run-out tide around 9pm or later about 10 days after the full moon. Choose a location where the outgoing tide is at its strongest and carries floating weed. In these are eddies where you will find continuous streams of prawns coming out of the lake.

Some of the catches during November have exceeded 4kg with some big prawns in the mix.

If you’re really keen then spend a session late at night and continue right through to the early hours, then maybe have a fish with some live prawns for a bream or whiting.

Ensure you have your fishing licence and all the boat’s required safety equipment because the authorities target these times for compliance checks.


The size of some of the whiting in the lake never ceases to amaze me, with fish to 900g and from now to April is the best time to target them.

Target areas of shallow sand flats, especially those surrounded by weed patches. They feed more aggressively when there is some tidal movement –I prefer the run out.

Always use as light a line as possible, 2kg to 4kg monofilament with a leader of about 60cm of 3lb fluorocarbon. A 0 or 00 ball sinker above a black swivel and a long-shank hook from No 2 to No 4 completes the rig.

Best bait is live bloodworms but some good catches have come on peeled prawns.

Fish with the bail arm open on your reel with the least amount of tension on the line. When it starts to run through your fingers, close the bail arm and start the fight.


For the offshore angler, many options are now open with the Summer pelagics now on offer. Mahi mahi will be around the Fisheries FAD which was deployed in late October at S33° 10.005’, E151° 48.976’. This is another situation where fishing and boating etiquette will come into play – give others some room and don’t hog the spot.

Some of the typical Lake Macquarie flathead and jewfish available. These were at a weigh-in at an inter-club Swansea competition.

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