Torpedo fish about to storm in
  |  First Published: August 2016

Although they haven’t made an appearance yet, it’s usually about this time there should be the annual influx of those torpedo fish that will weigh in at around the 4kg mark. They are great fighters and when hooked up they will test out the angler as well as equipment. I’m talking, of course, about salmon.

As well as salmon there will also be plenty of large silvers that will put on a similar performance. It’s fair to say that while salmon are alright on the table, these fish are not all that great, especially salmon any bigger than about 750g, but every the again, everyone taste differently.

Colin Jackson and a couple of mates were passing through and decided to try their luck. They are visitors and have a few marks that have been productive in the past. They had a few days off and decided to try some marks outside the entrance.

I am a great believer that inexperienced boaters should not try this unless they have some experienced crewmembers aboard. On this day, however, the conditions were flat calm, sunny and very cold, which often occurs at this time of year. They fished an area called Five Mile Beach and managed to bag some very nice size salmon that were around the 1.5kg mark and they used a variety of lures.

They worked their way back towards the entrance and although the fish didn’t go crazy, the crew managed a very presentable bag of flathead, gummies and salmon, and they were happy.

Colin said that there were just a few other boats on the water, but the few that were out appeared to be having a good time.

The jetties at Welshpool have been not been too bad, where there has been a sprinkling of local fish such as mullet, squid, flathead and salmon.

Of course, the freezing weather and howling winds have been a fair bit of a deterrent.

For some reason the best area to try is on the eastern end of the structure on the run-in tide. Another thing to remember when fishing this area is not to leave equipment unattended, as it is almost guaranteed to be blown off by a sudden gust of wind.

If it happens, then don’t be too upset, as you won’t be the first or last to suffer this embarrassment.

I’ve heard reports of a few whiting being caught in the Lewis Channel, but the lucky anglers who caught them on pipis said that there was plenty of water between fish.

Not far away is Port Albert, where many locals are saying that they have experienced the best season they can remember. Right up to the time of this report, there had been good numbers of whiting being caught in very pleasing numbers.

Snapper, gummies, flathead and a variety of other fish have also been making a visit to the area something to remember. Naturally things have slowed down due to a cold weather, but when the cycle comes around once again the good fishing will resume.

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