Jungle fever for perch fishing
  |  First Published: August 2016

How good is fishing? You can enjoy it so many ways. From the hardcore physical sportfishing, to sitting back and relaxing on the jetty, fishing is a great pastime – the number one pastime on the planet! The best way to wet a line is to trek deep into the jungle in search of untouched country. Reach those places that are hidden away from it all. It’s an awesome feeling when you find a new place, spectacular scenery and, not to mention, the amazing fishing!

The ‘red dogs’ (mangrove jacks) are attacking artificial presentations in full force. The cooler weather can slow things down a bit, but there are tricks you can do to increase your chances on a few sweet water pups. We all know jacks are very territorial, so using colours that resemble a jack will often get the attention from a well-positioned snag. They take a number of artificial presentations. Superb to flick is a Zman GrubZ rigged on a TT Lures HeadlockZ. Attach a jig spin and this gives you the best of both worlds, with a grub tail action and a nice bit of bling to create the ultimate presentation!

When you find a good snag, go over it with your lure thoroughly. Working it from every angle will get a territorial reaction bite, if there’s someone home. During the cooler times of the year, observe where the warmer water is going to be in system. Often fish will be close. Look for where the sun heats up the water, sand bars or certain rocks that might draw more heat from the sun. All these observations will get you more fish. It’s all about taking notice of the environment you are fishing and working with it to get the results.

Jungle perch are always a fun customer when trekking the rainforests. These little footballs hit hard and fast, so some fancy rod work will be required to keep you in charge of the situation! They are a really cool species that will take anything in their mouth! There are solid fish that reside in the jungle systems that will get your adrenaline pumping with a finesse fishing battle. 

I went for a jungle perch recently and was impressed by just how healthy the system was. The JPs were in big numbers and there were plenty of juvenile fish on every snag. It’s great to see how well these systems are thriving. If you haven’t done this style of fishing, I highly recommend it. These fish are such a stunning species and really test your hunting skills. They take you into some of the most beautiful country and are also a great sports fish on the light gear. It pays to take a good underwater camera with you, because the water they come from is crystal clear. You can capture some breathtaking underwater shots!

I hope everyone gets out for a flick and remember to stay safe. Fish on, and I’ll see you there!


Here’s a jungle perch caught in a gorgeous hidden area.


A juvenile jungle perch caught on some ZMan GrubZ.


Jungle perch are a really cool species that will take anything in their mouth!


Check out this awesome underwater shot! Bring your cameras with you, because these things are a beauty.

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