Big chill
  |  First Published: August 2016

The big chill finally got here and it’s just what we needed to stir up snapper and bream. Since the temperature drop, bream over 40cm have been caught at Gatakers Bay, Point Vernon, the Urangan Pier and River Heads.

Snapper numbers have increased around the ‘Arty’ and using the freshest of baits, soft plastics and micro jigs, you’ll have a good chance of finding just legal or even 6kg snapper. Moon Ledge, Arch Cliffs, Wathumba, the Burrum 8 Mile, the 25 fathom hole, Rooneys and the gutters are all worth a go for snapper.

Winter whiting are always a popular target this time of year, and groups of boats huddled together show anglers where they are feeding. Gatakers, Point Vernon, south of Round Island and down the Straits have all been producing fish. Some big local squid have been caught around the Urangan Pier, the Boat Harbour and River Heads. Out further, they can be found around Big Woody, the Picnics and most shallow reefs. Take a selection of jigs in varying size and colour to see what works on the day.

The Flats have been a waste of time with netters flogging it. Recently, boats have set up nets along the coastline. One netter dropped his nets 50m from where I was fishing. Netting leaves a barren wasteland, devoid of life for the next month. It breaks fishers’ hearts to fish an area, keep a few fish for a feed and let the bulk of your catch go to keep the fishery sustainable, when netters decimate the place in one fowl swoop. They tear around on the plane, chasing mullet schools and disregarding the go slow zone. We want to keep the Great Sandy Straits great, for our kids to enjoy in the future.


The cold snap has brought the bigger bream on lately.

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