Hollands Landing
  |  First Published: July 2016

Often overshadowed by the bigger surrounding waterways, Hollands Landing or ‘The Straits’ as it is known, is a Mecca for big bream and has been for many years. A short drive from Sale, and not far from the heart of east Gippsland, it truly is a magical place for all anglers to enjoy. 


Hollands Landing can be fished with great success all year round. Bream, estuary perch and flathead are the three major target species. Bream fishing is exceptional in the winter months when the fish start to school up pre-spawn. It’s not easy fishing here, but the rewards are phenomenal. 


Like most estuary fishing, a light 2-4kg graphite spin rod with a 2000 and 2500-sized reels is the best option to chase bream and perch. 

A reel spooled up with 6lb braid and fluorocarbon leader anywhere from 8-20lb is a must. The snags are very gnarly and typical light leaders won’t last long at all. 


Softies for bream work well and Squidgy bloodworm Wrigglers in 80mm and 100mm should be the first plastic you tie on and cast out. Fishing blades in the open water and out from the banks in deeper water is very effective and one of the easiest ways to catch bream along with any other species that lurk underneath. 


To target bream in the winter months you will need a quality sounder. Locate schooled up bream in open water and cast small blades to the fish – this is by far one of the best methods and most enjoyable ways to spend time on the water.


After lots of rain, The Straits really does dirty up and needs time to settle with all the fresh that flows out of the lakes. So if you are planning a trip, remember to check the weather and recent rainfall before heading off. 


Drag and leader – these are the only two words you need to know. Lock that drag and beef up your leaders. It’s not uncommon to use 20lb leaders when pitching plastics deep into the timber.

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