A quiet month in the fresh
  |  First Published: July 2016

July is always sombre one for the freshwater anglers, as we can’t chase our trout in rivers anymore, but it was good see some last minute rain perfectly timed for the end of season.

In Blue Rock Lake itself, anglers fishing up the river have scored some nice sized trout to 43cm in length trolling Tassie Devils and hardbodied lures.

They have also caught some ripper-sized redfin as by-catch and some of the reddies have been up to the 1kg mark.

Traralgon Creek and Morwell River were up and down in flow due to the intermittent rain and it didn’t take long for the creeks to drop back to a low flow after a good downpour. Luckily, the rains were enough to see some trout head upstream to spawn. The creek has come back this season and it could be especially seen when the creek got low again and there were still trout holding up in pools in the daytime.

Anglers using Celtas and Mapso lures did the best, but small minnow soft plastics worked well due to high amounts of smelt that were present in the creek just before closure.

On the other side of the ranges, the Tanjil River was the main stream fished by anglers due to its constant good flow. Some good trout up to 2.5lb have came out of the stream last month using hardbodied minnow style lures such as Rapalas.

Trout season is of course closed in the rivers, and it’s important we let them do their things before the season reopens in September.

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