Look to the edges for big predators
  |  First Published: July 2016

Thank goodness we have had some good rain of late, because we really, really needed it. With the lake level slowly rising, it’s going to be telling for the long term health of this massive waterway.

Now that the rivers have closed for trout fishing, all the focus will be on the lake in this neck of the woods. As the water is now slowly rising, it will be a very productive time on the edges, with the smaller bait fish coming to chew on the freshly covered margins and in turn, drawing the predators up in the water column for longer periods of time. This is great news for us anglers.

I really enjoy fishing spinnerbaits on the edges on really overcast mornings and knowing that at any second, a big cod could inhale my lure. The anticipation is immense during this time of year.

Jan Bast caught a very healthy cod recently on an Austackle Crash Crank in the purple colour. It was a great looking specimen, and was very typical of the cod in Eildon. Eildon is such a healthy system and continues to produce some of the finest cod in the country, so once again, a big thanks to our good friends at Fisheries Victoria for all the work they do.

I also had a picture of a nice fat yellowbelly from Mat Fyf, who was dropshotting a worm at the base of a tree. Not very many yellas are caught at this time of year, so to get one is a great effort, especially when they are as fat as the one Mat caught.

A couple of reddies up to 40cm have been caught lately near the Pines, but the action is still fairly slow.

Steady reports of trout up to 4lb have been coming in, with the Big River doing well, although being so low there is quite a bit of traffic to deal with, so be patient. We are all out to have a good time and catch a few, so don’t let impatience ruin your day.

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