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  |  First Published: July 2016

Wellington Point is approximately 20km southeast of Brisbane. The point itself extends out into Moreton Bay, and is well known for its iconic jetty and seaside village atmosphere. The jetty is a great land-based fishing spot for families and anyone after a bit of light gear fun.

The waters out from the point are ideal for amateur and experienced kayak anglers alike. Flathead and bream are good all year round target species for the area, however, winter can bring some big snapper into the bay. King and Green islands are quite easily accessible by kayak from the point and hold many species of fish due to reef habitat. Like all open water, the weather needs to be taken into consideration to ensure a safe and productive trip. Winds below 10 knots are ideal for a trip out in a smaller yak around 3m in length or less. Anything above this warrants a larger and more stable craft. The water becomes quite choppy and unpleasant in winds that exceed 12 knots, so be sure to get an accurate weather forecast before departure. The cooler months deliver calm days with clear glassy conditions and big snapper.

There are many protected areas within the bay, so follow the rules and make sure you aren’t fishing where fishing is prohibited. You are unlikely to paddle any distance from Wellington Point to land yourself in one of these green zones, but it pays to do some research.

Access to the water at low tide is minimal, with the boat ramp at the jetty the only option. When the tide is in there is a small kayak-only ramp at the southeast end of the car park.

Dawn, dusk and night fishing produces the best results with live and lightly weighted dead baits catching many fish. Fish will bite bait, plastics and an assortment of lures during the day as well.

A respectable fish finder will greatly increase your chances of success. The area is mostly sand and mud flats, however there are areas of rock, reef and weed as well as drop-offs and channels that hold significant numbers of fish.

A large variety of species can be caught in this diverse fishery including bream, flathead, sweetlip, snapper and cod. The odd mackerel and other exotic reef species can make an appearance in the bay. Squid can be found before first light over shallow weed flats, and these can be turned into a delicious lunch or offered to juvenile snapper. Remember fresh bait is the best bait.

A common outing for local anglers, is to paddle out and drift along the line of reef and rock from King Island to Ormiston Point. Trolling hardbodies, soft plastics and using baits are the preferred techniques. The reef and flats around both King and Green islands are ideal places to plan a trip. The reefs around the islands hold many species including bream and flathead, so cast lightly weighted soft plastics and vibes into the structure to stir up any resident fish.

Slightly heavier line may be needed for this close to structure combat to decrease the amount of bust-offs. Flats in water less than 2m can be a lot of fun when you break out the surface lures. Small poppers are great on bream and any other hungry predators lurking close-by. After a lengthy paddle, the explosive surface strikes will satisfy you. Any structure found in the deeper water like drop-offs and bommies are where the bigger reef predators will be found. Drop small fresh strip baits down to these zones and wait for your reel to start screaming. A small soft plastic bounced off the bottom is also worth a try.

The inshore reefs and flats of Wellington Point don’t usually hold large fish, but rather lots of fun-sized specimens. Light tackle with rods around the 2-4kg range paired with 2500 reels, 4-15lb braid and leader will be all that is needed on most days. Take a slightly heavier set-up in case you run into something bigger. With such a diverse fishery you never know when the big girls are in town and ready to play.

Soft plastics 3-5” long presented on 1/8th to 1/2oz jigheads will cover all bases. Mix it up with hardbody lures in varying styles and depths as well as soft and hard vibes. Fresh bait and light weights do very well in all situations.

Groups of locals regularly head out into the bay from Wello – visit the local tackle stores to find out more information and possibly join one of these groups on an outing. The wide variety of species and habitats of Wellington Point are sure to deliver.

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