Korr Orange and White Easy Fit Light
  |  First Published: July 2016

Korr lighting have provided the camper with some great products over the years, but this one is especially handy when heading to areas where insects are a real pest. As an example, I recently had the privilege of spending time up on Cape York.

You could be forgiven for assuming that in winter the mosquitoes would call it quits, but this is not the case, because as stream and lagoon flows slow down, the little darlings have a chance to hatch in their millions. Smoke can keep them at bay to an extent, but one thing I’ve discovered for certain is that Korr’s 1.2 m Orange and White light is a certain winner at keeping them away from camp.

Tests were carried out with a standard white strip light set at one corner of the Cape York camp, the Korr 1.2 Orange/White strip light set at the other extremity of camp with the selector button pressed to the Orange setting. To my amazement, the orange strip light did not attract one insect whereas the standard white light was supporting a veritable swarm. The orange LEDs in the Korr certainly did the job of repelling the little critters, no question about it!

The Korr 1.2m orange and white Easy Fit light is a very comprehensive unit. The standard kit in its small zip up carry bag contains the 1.2m long light strip in a plastic and canvas fabric sheath with Velcro operated strips, plus a karabiner clip at each end for an easy attachment to a pole or strut.

Accompanying the light with its dimmer cum selector switch is a 5m lead, a connection onto a battery via alligator clips or a simple push on connection to a car or boat outlet similar to the old cigarette lighter outlets. Note that there’s easy connection between the cigarette lighter connection and the alligator clip, so both options are on hand to suit available power outlets.

The Korr Orange and White Easy Fit Light Flexible Light Kit is very easy to use and can be attached to tent awnings, or virtually any place there’s a requirement for light. The light is set up, power provided and then there’s the choice of either white light, which is very bright at 1100 lumens. The orange (Which can be chosen by pressing the dimmer/selector switch), which is not as bright, is certainly ideal for camp site use to prepare meals and other after dark chores without being pestered by things that have a liking to human flesh.

Having tested this compact but very effective lighting unit under extreme conditions, I must say I endorse it fully and recommend it to anyone heading into mosquito territory, as it certainly will not attract these pests. Note that each light kit comes with a two-year guarantee. – Wayne Kampe

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