AFT GTS Round 3
  |  First Published: July 2016

Round 3 of the Gamakatsu Team Series sponsored by Samurai Fishing Rods was run and won over the cold and windy weekend of 28-19 May in Taree.

Team Baitshop Toukley/Crony Rods were too good for the field of talented anglers. Taree is well known for good bags at this time of the year and anglers were hopeful of catching good numbers of big fish.

Team Baitshop Toukley/Crony Rods consisting of Daniel Wright and Nathan Settree were good enough to rise to the top of a very talented field of anglers and take out the win on the mighty Manning river. The pair amassed a massive bag of five fish for 3.98kg, blitzing the nearest team by 850g!

In the interview Dan said that they played around a few different spots and struggled to get fish so they moved out to the front of the system and decided to stick out as long as time would allow. The pair were hopeful to find some of the bigger sea run fish or ‘snowies’ against the wall early in the season and after sounding a good patch of fish, they sat on them until they bit.

Dan and Nathan managed to get their five reasonably quick and spent the last hour or so of the session upgrading their entire bag twice over! Both of them said that it was one of the best bite windows they had ever fished. Using Crony rods and a mixture of Shimano and Daiwa reels, the pair fished all the way down to 3lb to tempt these bigger, smarter fish. The entire bag was caught on Prolure yabbies and the only thing they varied was jighead weight to suit the speed of the currents.

Having weighed in one of the biggest single tournament bags in AFT history, the pair were over the moon with the win. A special thanks goes out to Rob Roy at Baitshop Toukley for his support.

Big Bream

The Samurai Reaction Big Bream prize went to Team Pontoon 21/Masterangler.com.au. Denis and Justin are no strangers to the lime light in the GTS series and Denis was extremely happy with taking home a Samurai Reaction RE-101 for his trouble.

Team Ecogear/Yamatoyo taree slide in second

Finishing in second place was the gun duo of Rodney and Zac O’sullivan fishing as team Ecogear/Yamatoyo Taree. Rod and Zac concentrated their efforts on every bridge in the Taree area mixing up techniques between crankbaits and plastics parallel to the pylons.

The team’s vast knowledge of the system saw them moving a lot, trying to get to each bridge at what they know is the perfect stage in the tide. This knowledge put together a 3.13kg bag, that in any other event would have more than likely been heavy enough to win, but they were just short this time round.

Rod and Zac both commented on their key to success being Yamatoyo Pre-Resin Sheller and Harris Fighter fluorocarbon. Using a Samurai Infinite rod to fish this line gave them the ultimate in feel and castability. Their hardbody of choice was the CX35 in multiple colours and the 50mm bream prawn in King Prawn colour. A special thanks goes out to Spotters sunglasses and JML Trading for their support.

A huge thanks goes out to the series sponsor Gamakatsu and Samurai Fishing Rods. For a full list of sponsors and any up and coming tournaments go to www.fishingcomps.com.au/gts and remember to support the sponsors that support your passion! – AFT


It is well known to many anglers that deep water is where the big fish like to play, especially when you have structure such as rock walls. Tournament anglers generally head to these well-known big bream spots after they have successfully secured themselves with a bag of five fish.

The ideal area of a deepwater situation is where the structure meets the bottom from 10-35ft of water. Fish will hold right through the water column as the currents push food up against the rocks a break it up, allowing for an easy feed for these bigger specimens. Wafting your lure presentation down the water column with the current creates a 'natural' looking food item inciting an aggressive strike!

Being persistent with deep water structure is always a good idea. Specific tides can affect the way bream feed on these walls. Many anglers find when the tide and current stop the bite time stops leading to the term ‘no run no fun’. Next time you've landed your bag, head to the rock walls and see if it turns on for you!
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