AFT GES round 2
  |  First Published: July 2016

Round 2 of the Gamakatsu Elite Series sponsored by Samurai Fishing Rods was contested by Australia’s best bream anglers in the beautiful Forster on the weekend.

The weather was perfect and the bream were biting. Team Carpet Court/Cranka lures rose to the occasion narrowly beating Lowrance/Evinrude.

Carpet Court/Cranka Lures rack up

Team Carpet Court/Cranka Lures, consisting of Mike ‘The Beard’ Nelson and Grant ‘Moose’ Manusu, once again proved they are the team to beat in Forster, stringing together two great bags of bream.

The first session on Saturday afternoon saw them concentrate their efforts around The Paddock for an hour or so then as the tide slowed, they headed out to the lake. In the lake, Mike and Grant fished a Dog-X Jr coupled with a ZMan GrubZ. Picking up fish here and there, they put together a reasonable bag with a couple of good fish in amongst some stock standard Forster bream.

For the last two hours of the day, they move back to The Paddock and surrounding areas to fish the now running tide. This proved key to part of their success as they managed another two or three upgrades that saw them weighing a bag of five fish for 3.55kg.

The second session on Sunday morning saw them kick off at The Paddock again, and they picked up a couple of fish before moving up the Wang Wauk River. Mike and Grant used ZMan 2” GrubZ on hidden weight jigheads and fished mangrove-lined edges.

They key to success in the river was being able to cast within an inch or two of the structure as this is the only way they could get bites. They decided to leave the river after getting their full bag and move down to the lower leases to finish out the day. Some tough fishing saw Mike and Grant donate quite a bit of gear to big fish but also saw a couple of good ones upgrade their bag of fish.

These upgrades proved paramount as Lowrance/Evinrude was putting together a huge bag of fish and these last couple of upgrades made the difference. Bringing 10 fish to the scales with a weight of 5.21kg saw them keep first place by 440g.

Big Bream

The Samurai Reaction Big Bream was taken out by Team Berkley. Russell Babekuhl and Nathan McInnes did what they did best and chased monster fish in very nasty territory. Unfortunately for them, the fish won too many of the battles but they took out Big Bream for the event, which was 40cm to the fork but a lean 1.24kgs. They took home a Samurai Reaction rod for their troubles valued at $489.

Lowrance/Evinrude crank up a second!

Finishing in second place was team Lowrance/Evinrude. Mark Healy and Jack Dihm are no strangers to Forster and Mark has a heap of top 5 finishes at this venue.

The first session saw them concentrate on weed beds with Cranka Cranks and 3B Cranks. The pair only managed an average bag of five fish for 2.44kgs. This style of fishing is really wind dependent and with Saturday being so still, it was a tough afternoon at the office.

Going into the Sunday session they knew they had their work cut out for them and used their first day knowledge to go back to where they found fish. After two hours of pounding these areas, they hadn’t boated a fish and decided to make a move.

Mark and Jack moved until they found fish, fished them until they stopped biting and then moved again. Mixing up between crank baits and surface was successful for them and the continual moving to fresh fish saw them put together a great 10 fish bag of 5.88kg.

Mark said at the presentation that the accuracy of the Lowrance GPS played a big part in them following tracks through weed beds that held fish.

A huge thanks goes out to the series sponsor Gamakatsu and Samurai Fikshing Rods. For a full list of sponsors and any up and coming tournaments go to www.fishingcomps.com.au/gts and remember to support the sponsors that support your passion! – AFT


Rack fishing can either make or break someone, and more and more people are starting to realise the pain and loss of tackle while fishing the racks. Although big fish hold here, you have to use heavier gear to try and pull these monsters away from their homes. 

Surface lures, crankbaits, jerkbaits, plastics... throw anything in there and it will get taken. It’s getting it back that is the main issue! Upgrading your gear is the main thing to keep in mind, and going from a spin set-up to a baitcaster can pay off, as more pulling power will allow you to land these fish time and time again.

Heavier leaders are required in situations like this, and anything from 8-20lb can be used to secure yourself a solid rack bag! Next time your struggling everywhere else and you need a cracking bag to come back, head to the racks and keep your mind strong, as many times it can be broken!

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