The dropper knot
  |  First Published: June 2016

Last edition we completed the sinker loop options for a paternoster rig; this month we tie the hook loop using a knot simply called the dropper knot (or dropper loop).

Knowing this knot will be very helpful, especially if you plan on doing some offshore work in deeper water. For further discussion and information on this knot and the paternoster rig, please see the previous issue of QFM, and if you don’t have it, my articles on these subjects will be on the Fishing Monthly website website at www.fishingmonthly.com.au soon.

Step 1

First form a loop in the line (do not tie a loop, just form a loop) and insert a finger on one side of the crossover.

Step 2

Pull one side of the loop down and start twisting/wrapping it around the standing line. Keep the centre open (with your fingers). An alternative is to twist from/around the centre, wrapping an even number of turns of each side of the centre opening. Have a go and see what works best for you and your dexterity.

Step 3

After between four to ten turns, the number of turns will be governed by the diameter and stiffness of the line in which you are tying the dropper loop, widen the centre open (using your fingers; and use at least one finger to keep it open).

Step 4

Then take the 'outer' loop and push it through the centre opening; once it is a little of the way through, grip the loop lightly with your mouth and gently pull it through as far as it will easily go.

Step 5

Now pull the two standing ends of the line away from each other while holding the loop with your teeth... but don’t pull the knot snug just yet!

Step 6

Now, with your mouth, moisten the wraps either side of the centre opening and then pull the knot slowly tight. 

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