Have a crack at surface luring
  |  First Published: June 2016

Fishing in the cooler months for golden perch and Murray cod is tricky as their cold-blood means they take little interest in feeding on anything anglers have to offer as the mercury dips.

In saying this, you will start to move closer to the bank and will search for warmer water. I find that goldens and cod tend to sit around rocky banks as the rocks retain heat from the sun. The best time to fish for them is during the afternoons as the water warms up.

You will still be able to find some fish that behave similarly to summertime patterns. These fish are still actively feeding and are willing to chase fast-moving lures, but as a whole, they won’t be showing typical warmer month aggression.

The best way to catch them is to cast in the shallows. Fish as much water as possible as the cod and goldens sit hard to the bank to get the heat from the sun. Sometimes, if you look hard enough you will see the odd fish in the shallows just sunning itself. However, if they sense any noise, shadow, or disturbance, they will scatter in a flash and won’t even consider your lure.

I have caught my best goldens in winter, even though they are harder to catch. If you spend the time on the water, you will be rewarded – you will be surprised at what you can catch during the cooler months.

The baitfishers always do well in the cooler months around the trees and off the bank using worms, yabbies and shrimp.

River Fishing

The cod and goldens in the rivers around Orange and Central West are going off at the moment and most anglers have found success on spinnerbaits. Surface lures have also accounted for many catches.

Surface fishing is a hit and miss method, but all I can say is that once you watch a cod hit your lure on the surface, you won’t ever go back! It is the best feeling. Jackall Pompadours are one of the noisiest surface presentations on the market and have an incredible hoook-up rate.

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