A look at whiting rigs
  |  First Published: May 2016

Pre-made rigs are a great tool in any angler’s arsenal, and having a tied rig ready to go is something that you treasure when you bust-off on a snag, or get bitten-off by a pesky leatherjacket or toadfish. Pre-made rigs for King George whiting are no exception, they have been specifically designed for our southern waters and over the years, carefully tried and tested to make sure they are the right fit for most occasions.

Of course there are plenty of occasions where you need to customise your rig, so making your own is a must. Pre-tied rigs are made pretty general and cover most elements of whiting fishing, but the times when you need a bigger hook, stronger leader, or longer dropper, tying your own will be advantageous. So, what is best? Well I guess the answer is, what works for you – but there are some handy tips from a discussion I had with a couple of mates recently about whiting rigs. I spoke to Fishing Edge’s Lee Rayner, and Gawaine Blake who has owned his own charter business.

How many rigs do I need to know?

LR:Two rigs are fine. A two-dropper paternoster, and an extended paternoster. Both are easy to make, especially when you get the hang of a dropper loop knot.

GB:Two rigs – the extended paternoster with 200mm dropper, 450mm 12lb fluorocarbon leader and size 6 Gamakatsu Worm Hook J-Style. The other a twin rigged paternoster with short 150mm leader. On this rig I like to use Gamakatsu Shiner or Octopus Circle in size 6.

Where is your go-to spot and what rig do you use?

LR:It all depends on whether we are chasing numbers of fish, or size of fish, but generally I love to fish deep ocean water in among heavy weed and reef, in which case I use a paternoster rig or a Black Magic Whiting Snatcher. Up on the shallower banks I like an extended paternoster to cast away from the boat.

GB:In Westernport my spot is in 7m of water along the edge of Middle Spit where I use the extended paternoster with a cocktail bait of squid and mussel. In Port Phillip Bay, I like fishing Nepean Bay in 6m with the extended paternoster and fresh squid bait.

Is there any situation I should use more than one type of rig?

LR:It often pays to use two rigs. In my two suggested rigs, I would fish the paternoster directly below the boat ideally close to the berley pot, the other extended paternoster, is ideal for casting away from the boat.

GB:Yes, particularly in deep water of say 12-20m. I use the double paternoster in the rod holders and fish the extended paternoster in my hands.

Pre-made, or make them myself?

LR:There are some excellent off the shelf rigs these days, but personally I like to make my own. That way I can select what hook and leader I need to suit various locations. I also like to make a few rigs up without hooks on them, that way I can add the hook of choice when on the water. This is handy if, for example, there are much bigger whiting around, because I will often use a much bigger hook than normal.

GB: I generally tie my own rigs up so I can customize them, but I am a big fan of the pre-made Black Magic whiting rigs.

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