Change of season brings on the tenacious trout
  |  First Published: May 2016

The recent change in weather has bought us into what feels like a real autumn, which may have slowed down the bass a bit but has put the trout on the chew.

After some hot weather in March, the bass went crazy, but the low water levels and high temperatures weren’t so trout-friendly. The recent drop in temperature has brought with it some well-deserved rain, which has sparked some life back into our rivers. The bass are now little sluggish, and you are far better fishing for bass with worms rather than lures.

Plenty of good-sized bass are caught in the main areas such as Lake Glenmaggie and Blue Rock Lake, but the worms definitely seem to be the way to go. You will still get a few bass on lures over the next month, but they will be a bit finicky and harder to catch. Conversely, the trout bite has increased dramatically. Anglers have had some success in the local Strzelecki streams such as Traralgon Creek and Morwell River using Celtas and Mapso spinners. The low water levels have made smaller sized lures more effective.

The lakes have produced a few trout as well, and anglers who fish Blue Rock have found a few nice trout as by-catch while bass fishing. Local bass guru Paul Landmeter says he expects to see an increase in trout captures out of Blue Rock this season, as it will be the first winter season with no boating restrictions. He also says that the bass will begin to prefer baits to lures as the water temperature further declines. Over the next month we will see trout start to move upstream in our rivers preparing to spawn, and I suggest anyone with a boat to have a good crack at trolling Blue Rock this season on those calm winter days.

Lastly, a heads up on how our little Traralgon Creek bass are going. Fisheries were nice enough to agree to let the little creek have a couple of thousand bass. Some of the young local fishers have been chasing redfin and trout and managed to snag up on some of these little beauties. They aren’t big of course, but at just over a year old, they’ve got a potential ferocious look about them. I can’t wait to see what the bass fishing in the creek is like in a couple of years.

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