Kuttafurra Redfin lures carve it up at Eildon
  |  First Published: May 2016

In 2014 I met up with Aaron Young, the owner of Kuttafurra Lures for a few day to go fishing and use some new lures at Lake Eildon. Although the fishing wasn’t favourable, it was great to catch up and talk about everything fishing and lure making.

Aaron showed me one of his very own lures in his tackle box – a lure that had caught my eye, something that had a different style body, which would act different in the water. Aaron first created this lure late in 2011, but it was never fully exposed to the lure market. I decided to head to the Murray River the next day to see just how well this lure could work.

The first thing I noticed was the action, instead of the basic sway or wobble, this lure had a rolling action. Well within the last few hours before darkness, eight fish had hit the deck of the boat. The initial thought after that session was to message Aaron and tell him to start pumping them out. Wind the clock forward two years and now the Kuttafurra Redfin is arguably the most highly sought after lure in the Kuttafurra range.


The lure is 95mm in length, which is a great all round length for both Murray cod and golden perch. The shape helps increase casting distance and enhances accuracy as the weight in the head of the lure allows the lure to cut through the air on a cast. The lure weighs approximately 25g, made of timber, and has a very tough body.

One of the best features of this lure is the ability to crash hard into the timber but bounce over it with great success – a very important feature to catch more fish in the strike zone.


At an average trolling depth of 4m, the Kuttafurra Redfin is a great lure to troll in lakes and slow flowing rivers, especially lakes such as Mulwala and Copeton. Use this lure against banks with heavy timber or rock structure. I recommend trolling at a speed of 1.3-1.5mph for best results and give it a twitch every 50m. For trolling in rivers, find a stretch with plenty of structure in around 3m and troll the stretch over numerous times, this will either get fish interested in your lure or entice a reaction bite once they get annoyed of the lure in their habitat.


There are two diving depths in the Kuttafurra Redfin range, the first is a 4m diver with a plastic bib, the second is a nose tow style lure with a small aluminium bib, which is probably best for casting with the extra weight in the top end of the lure. In saying that, I will use both according to the places I fish and weather conditions. In windy conditions I use the metal bib, as the bib is smaller and catches less wind, but on calm days use the bigger bib so you can slow the retrieve right down. This lure really crashes down on the cast and bounces off timber really well, but always have a lure retriever handy, as you may get caught up in some heavy cover.




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