Quality fish on the way in May
  |  First Published: May 2016

Now is a great time to go fishing. During the autumn months the decrease in temperature is a great relief for anglers who have been baking in the summer heat over the last few months.

High-pressure systems become larger and slow moving in autumn. This brings more days with favourable barometer conditions and days with reduced winds. The decreasing water temperatures trigger larger fish to feed more often in order to put extra condition on before the winter months when food sources become scarce.


The fishing in Lake Eppalock continues to be good, but not easy. Anglers have caught small numbers of quality redfin. Troll deep-diving hardbody lures to see good results. If you find a concentration of redfin, cast soft plastics and blades to catch some good fish. The most productive colours in both hardbody lures and soft plastics have been dark silhouettes and redfin patterns.

The numbers of golden perch caught in Lake Eppalock continues to be average. Anglers trolling hardbody lures around the edges of rocky shoreline and around timber have caught the majority of these fish. Casting lipless crankbaits around timber has also been productive. Small numbers of Murray cod continue to be caught at this location. Trolling hardbody lures and spinnerbaits have been the most productive method. Murray cod measuring up to 80cm have been caught.


Water clarity and productivity is currently very good at most locations along the Campaspe River. The system has received a lot of fishing pressure over the last few months. As water temperatures are starting to decline we will see a reduction in catch rates. How significant this reduction will be will depend on how cold the weather gets, and in turn how quickly the water temperatures decline.

Golden perch have made up the majority of captures recently. Anglers casting lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits with dark coloured blades have found good results. Anglers trolling spinnerbaits and medium sized hardbody lures have also caught good numbers.

Small numbers of Murray cod have also been caught in the Campaspe River recently.


The fishing at Cairn Curran has been below average recently. Reports of golden perch have been low. Anglers trolling around the edges with hardbody lures have had the best results. The catch rates of redfin have also been low. Locating a good concentration of redfin has been difficult. Trolling deep diving hardbody lures and casting soft plastics have been the preferred techniques. Baitfishing around the edges of the standing timber has worked on the right days if you find the right tree where redfin are holding. Hopefully we see the redfin school up during the winter months.

It has been a long time since we have seen productive redfin fishing at Cairn Curran. The present conditions suggest that there is a good chance this winter may produce some good redfin fishing.


The fishing in the Loddon remains average. In the boat-able section of the river at Bridgewater and Serpentine the productivity has reduced mainly because of a heavy season of fishing pressure. At Bridgewater and Serpentine golden perch have made up the majority of captures. The most productive techniques to catch golden perch have been to cast lipless crankbaits and troll medium sized hardbody lures. Small numbers of Murray cod have been caught in the Loddon River recently on surface lures.

The productivity in this style of fishing typically reduces as water temperatures cool. The most productive Murray cod fishing continues to be in the shallower sections of the river, which are accessed by anglers walking the banks or fishing out of kayaks. We will hopefully see a couple of larger Murray cod caught in the deep sections of the river in the next couple of months, as these big fish come out to play!

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