What a gorgeous place to fish
  |  First Published: May 2016

It’s amazing how a little extra flow in the rivers can really fire up the fish. The steady flow of clean water pushing downstream sends many of our favourite target species into overdrive! Work your artificial presentations with the natural flowing water to get your rod bent and your drags screaming!

I have spent most of my time recently targeting the sweet water jacks. I just can’t get enough of these little red devils. The best part about targeting them in the fresh is that you get to witness everything! Every time I see a jack race out from the snag my adrenaline starts pumping! They are such an amazing species. This is a good time of the year to get out there and have a crack at landing a few red pups, they will be stocking up on as many goodies as they can as the temperature starts to cool down. When targeting these fish keep a sharp eye out for ambush areas. They will be holding back in the dark waiting to smash your lure if you can land it in the strike zone! Remember to have you drag set right because when they hit they are already heading back to the darkness.

If you’re looking to get into some jungle perch action this month, then head up to the rainforests of the tropical north. The jungle fishing in FNQ is special, and those who have experienced this style of fishing know just how amazing and beautiful this part of the world is. Jungle perch are an absolutely stunning fish and offer freshwater fishers some exciting opportunities to test their angling skills. When you target this beautiful fish, use your hunting and stalking skills to get results. They are very aggressive hunters, and often when you come across a good-looking hole you will have a pack of them fighting for your presentation. There are some real trophy fish out there waiting for your lures, so get your hiking boots on and explore some spectacular country and catch a few fish in the process.

A drive out west in search of a few sooty grunter will be worth the mission in May. There are a plenty of great spots along the Burdekin River that produce endless amounts of line peeling fun! These fish are little pocket rockets and will get you working that wand like Harry Potter to get them out of the snags they are headed for. I highly recommend using spinnerbaits when targeting sooties. They can be worked deep in the snags, and their strong flash and vibration will get the attention you are looking for. Sooty grunter also love a surface presentation! Work any style of surface lure in the low light times of the day and expect some amazing surface explosions! Remember to hang on tight because these fish like to fight dirty!

I hope everyone gets out to enjoy this beautiful country and catch a few fish in the process. Fish on!

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