Get the kids out for some fishing fun
  |  First Published: May 2016

Since the cracker weather over Easter, the winds have settled down, giving anglers plenty of opportunity to hit the water. There have been plenty caught too with catches ranging from reef and estuarine species to late season marlin action.


Our local reefs usually fish well through autumn. Expect plenty of cod, coral bream, blackall, juvenile snapper, greasy parrot and coral trout at the Arty, Moon Ledge, Bagimba and McKenzies ledges. Out wider, the Southern Gutters and 25 fathom hole produces scarlets, hussar, spangled emperor, cod, coral bream and snapper. Numbers will increase as the water temperature drops. Bashing the beacons and buoys with plastics and metal jigs will get you among trevally, mackerel, cobia, grunter and a host of reef species that call these structures home.


The exceptional flathead and bream fishing has continued. Small hardbodies and plastics are the best way to get among the action, and as winter approaches the bream will only get bigger and more numerous as they prepare to spawn. Switch to poppers around areas too hard like rock bars and between the mangrove roots, and fish with sinking and diving lures. This will get the bream excited, and you can expect by-catch of whiting, trevally and flathead all keen to suck down a surface lure.


When the kids are itching to go fishing and the weather is terrible, having a Plan B can make all the difference. You only need to fill a couple of hours, and sourcing local water holes that you can fish any time is all you need. Spangled perch, tarpon, even gudgeons and guppies will get the kids outside and away from the television – and they love it. Truth be told, I don't mind it either!

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