May fishing in Sydney rocks!
  |  First Published: May 2016

There are drummer everywhere, with a few bream, luderick and trevally mixed in for those who have ventured out onto the rocks. Off the beaches, there are still plenty of whiting taking beach worms and pink nippers, while in the estuaries of Southern Sydney there are luderick in just about all the usual spots.

Boy, I do love fishing in May. Not only are there plenty of fishing options, the crowds of summer are not there and it’s not as hot. All in all, it’s a great time to hit the water.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of fishing for drummer, you should take the opportunity to give it a go during May. The main thing you will have to remember is that you will need to take extreme care when fishing off the rocks, and don’t forget to always go with someone.

On the northern side of Botany Bay, you could try places like north and south Bondi, north Tamarama Beach just below the surf club, Clovelly Pool, Mistral Point, Long Bay and Little Bay. On the southern side of the entrance to Botany Bay, you could try a variety of spots on the Kurnell Peninsula, Tabbigai, Boat Harbour Blackwoods at Cronulla, Shelly Beach, Windy Point, Jibbon Point, North Garie, Era Point and Coalcliff Point near the pool.

To fish for drummer, I would suggest that you use a 3.6m rod with either a side cast reel or a threadline. Use at least 15lb line, a ball sinker ranging from 000 up to size 2 and a 1/0-2/0 circle or bait holder hook on the end. When it comes to bait, I prefer peeled blue tailed prawns, bread, crabs and cunje. That’s about all you need when it comes to fishing for drummer. Just remember to keep it simple.

Coogee, Maroubra and the beaches off Cronulla are still producing good catches of whiting up to 500g. The best two baits have been live beach worms and pink nippers. You could also try small strips of freshly caught squid and bloodworms. Early morning and late afternoon seems to be producing the best catches, but I would discount those overcast and drizzle type days.

Further south you could also try Garie and Stanwell Park beaches for your whiting, but you will find bream and dart will also take a liking to your worms and pink nippers. If you are just after a feed of bream, you could try using strips of fresh mullet and small whitebait. Half pilchards will also do the job as well. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are using a paternoster rig or a sinker, swivel leader and hook. Just remember to keep the leader length down to about 50cm as this will stop a lot of line twist.

Botany Bay is also going strong on the bream and trevally front for those anglers who have been fishing out of a boat. But don’t feel left out if you are fishing from the shore, as you could try off the northern side of the Cooks River breakwall, Tom Uglys, Captain Cooks Bride and the southern side of Como bridge further up the Georges River. Bream and dusky flathead are biting on both the northern and southern sides of where the old Lugarno ferry used to be. Hawkesbury River prawns, fresh mullet, chicken done in parmesan cheese and pink nippers have been their undoing.

Further upstream at the Moons and Soily Point, there have been a few good bags of luderick coming in, but the hardest part will be locating good green weed. I would suggest that you try Macs Bait Bar at Blakehurst. Give them a call on 9546 1341. If you are looking to find your own green weed, I would suggest that you find where stormwater outlets enter the river.

Bream, dusky flathead and the odd mud crab have been caught from under the M5 bridge. You could also try there for a mulloway or two. The boat ramp at the back of Flower Power is also worth a shot off the shore for bream and flathead when the tide is not running so fast.

Chipping Norton Lakes is another place that you could try for luderick. You will also find some green weed nearby. The Woronora River near the old bridge is also producing luderick on the run-in and run-out tides. Further upstream, the mullet have started to school up, so it would be a good idea to get out those small bobby corks and bread and start getting a few.

Further downstream at the back of the soccer fields at Bonnet Bay, there are a few bream and dusky flathead coming in by those anglers who are using small whitebait on long leaders.

As usual, the Port Hacking River has plenty of luderick swimming around. You are going to need fresh green weed or cabbage and plenty of berley to keep them on the bite. I have found over the years that the run-out tide seems to produce the better quality fish, but don’t discount the run-in tide, as the fish still have to eat.

If you are after a few bream, whiting and dusky flathead, I would suggest that you try fishing the deeper sections of the river during the middle part of the day and the shallower sections either early morning or late afternoon. The best baits by far have been pink nippers. If you don’t want to take the time to pump some, you could always call in Mac’s Bait Bar. They should also have bloodworms and maybe some beachworms for sale.

Another place that you could try off the shore is Swallow Rock Drive boat ramp and the downstream side of the Audley Weir. Try berleying with mashed up old pilchards and bread to bring the fish on the bite.

May is also the time of the year that there will be plenty of bream about over the flats at Towra, in the Georges, Woronora and Port Hacking Rivers, and if you are into or wanting to get into lure fishing for them you should check out the fantastic lure store at Miranda. Call into Shop 18, 29 Kiora Rd, Miranda, next to RTA, or you could go online and see the range that Adam has. It will blow your mind.

If you would like to find out more information on how to fish the Southern areas of Sydney or anywhere else just send me an email at --e-mail address hidden-- and I will get back to you.

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