A great time to grapple with a gummy
  |  First Published: April 2016

It has been another great month of fishing right through out the top end of the port and this would have to be one of the most consistent stretches of fishing I have seen in a long time.


I will begin this week with a cracker of a catch land-based at Stockyard Point. Ash McMillan put in a few hours in pretty miserable conditions, but when a beautiful 1.4m gummy shark took a liking to his king prawn bait, it made the effort more than worth it. Ash was fishing over the course of the low tide change and just goes to show the quality of the fish that you can access land-based.

The water out from Tooradin has continued to produce not only great numbers of King George whiting, but also a lot of above average calamari. Young Amelia spent a day on the port out from Tooradin with her dad. The fishing was quite tough to start with but as the high tide approached the fish switched on nicely. At the end of the day they ended up with a dozen great whiting and a side of four calamari, which I’m sure the family enjoyed for dinner that night!

The whiting over all have still been pretty good with plenty of fish coming out of most of the channels and arms, which weave and wind their way through the bank of the port. Warneet channel has been great and Gentle Annie is fishing better and better as the weeks go on. If you have never fished these channels before, a great way to start is to get up really high on the banks in as little as 1m of water at the top of the tide and get amongst those fish grazing on the flats. Once the tide starts to run out, retreat back into deeper water and present baits to those same fish as they retreat from the banks as the water begins to empty out.

Yaringa has once again proved that snapper season is far from over as Ant and Ray ended a recent trip with nine snapper between them with the biggest weighing 4kg. They did end up receiving a little competition from a local seal who ended up enjoying half a dozen of the smaller pinkies!

The gummy sharks are another species that have continued to bite well through out the top end. Chris Preston, John Macleod and Tiff Anderson spent an early morning on the port and were rewarded with a nice gummy that fell to a fresh chunk of pike.


It’s still all about the middle spit. There are just so many whiting spread out of the spit that it’s pretty hard to fish anywhere else!

The other common theme this month is that there are so many young gun anglers out on the water with their families and catching their very first fish. Young Olivia and Alexander are a couple of those kids who caught their first fish as they get some really nice whiting on a recent trip. It’s so good to see the mums and dads out there getting the nippers involved and I’m sure it’s a memory that they will hold onto for life!

One of the more unusual fishing reports has come via Rowan and Gizz who decided that calamari were on the menu and headed over to The Spit armed with a handful of squid jigs. Though they did accomplish the mission of a few calamari they were also confronted with a very hungry flathead that completely swallowed one of the squid jigs! And to add a bit of icing to the cake, this flathead measured a whopping 50cm!

Hastings has been throwing a little bit of everything at local fishos lately and would be the number one choice if it was variety that you are after. Sitting in around 14m of water has produced a variety of different species, all of which are great for the table. A nice school of pinkies is still residing there and really start to fire up on the change of tide, a few nice table-sized gummies have also been mixed in with them. The odd whiting has also made its presence felt in the same water so it’s always worth hanging a whiting snatcher over the side laced with a little strip of squid.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a report this month and as the water temperatures start to cool a little, I am really excited to see what next month has prepared for us. My tip is that we see one last really nice run of big snapper as we approach the cooler months.

Good luck and keep the reports coming!

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