Unpredictable weather and fishing
  |  First Published: April 2016

It hasn’t been easy to pick a pattern or even a committable day to fish in East Gippsland, but it hasn’t stopped some great captures locally and here is how it has played out.

Lakes Entrance

The local jetties, rock walls and sand flats have seen some great fish taken early mornings and late afternoons and it’s not just bream and flathead on the menu. Silver trevally, whiting, gurnard and even pinkie snapper have been giving anglers plenty to think about and providing locals with some great entertainment and some great feeds around the BBQ.

The prawns are still running consistently, and those sourcing their own fresh or live baits and moving around until they locate feeding fish are seeing the best results. Fishing light line, no more than 3kg, and using a light or even no sinker, then drifting the bait down the water column is proving deadly on all species and providing some great sportfishing on these bread and butter fish.


The offshore scene hasn’t been as consistent as we would like to see at this time of year, but there are some very impressive bags coming out of the deep blue. Gummy and school shark have moved out to the deeper water and have proved to be very frustrating for anglers, with no real pattern to their captures.

Plenty of pinkie snapper are being taken on the well-known reefs and drop offs, but everyone is working hard for those larger reds we have become accustom to here off Lakes.

When it comes to choosing your bait for the day, opinions vary greatly, but I find the people using fresh fillets or even whole fish and doing away with the frozen baits do seem to come home with the better bags.


It has been tough off the sand with lots of anglers spending many hours for little to no result, only to return the next day and find the salmon and gummy shark feeding in a frenzy. I would like to be able to give you a pattern to follow, but the truth is tossing a coin and letting fate decide when and when not to fish will see you have as much luck.

The key is time on the water, fishing two hours either side of the turn of the tide and having no expectations will see some of you getting lucky for lack of a better word.

While fishing Bunga Beach with three friends last week on the full moon, we all achieved our full bags of gummy shark using fresh squid a mate sourced from Western Port, only to return the following two nights without losing a bait and this seems to be the story of everyone I speak too.

Lake Tyers

The fishing out at Tyers has been as inconsistent as the weather. One day you can achieve your bag limit of bream and flathead as quick as you can cast, only to spend the next few days scratching around to get even a single bite. Tyers is famous for shattering anglers’ dreams and egos, but over the past few weeks the pattern of no pattern at all is really shining through.

It’s not all hard work out in the great local lake, with the stocking of prawns baring fruit for those who enjoy wading the shallow sand flats for these tasty crustaceans. Very easy access and a vast amount of shallow water makes Tyers the ideal spot for chasing prawns and more anglers are taking advantage of this lake so close to town.

A dip net, prawn light, bucket and a few spare hours after dark is all you will need to obtain a feed and makes for a top night out with family and friends.

Well that’s a wrap from Lakes entrance for the month, I hope to see a lot of anglers on the water in coming weeks as the weather steadies and fingers crossed the fishing becomes a lot more consistent.

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