No shortage of shallow water action
  |  First Published: April 2016

The good fishing continues in this part of the world and experienced anglers feel that the good results will continue.

There were some good reports of salmon to the 2.5kg mark taken by land-based anglers. Williamsons Beach has been very popular, as has the Kilcunda beaches with the best results on the run-in tide and first of the run-off flow. There was a report from an angler who decided to try his luck and bagged a couple of reasonable size salmon that were estimated to be around the 1kg mark. He was happy with his efforts, but was also careful and noticed a very strong rip nearby, and although it didn’t cause him any grief, it certainly could have done just that.

Inside the entrance at Inverloch there have been very good numbers of whiting caught, mainly on the run-in tide. The fish have not been huge, but hitting the 38cm mark, they are well worth going after. Bass yabbies have been the best presentations, along with sand worms, pipis and mussels. I received a call from Colin Jansen who is a regular from Dandenong, and he said that he has had a couple of spots around Mahers Landing where he has done very well on whiting and reasonable size flathead. He says that he has also caught mullet, silvers and couta in good numbers. He has even bagged the occasional flathead – high water on the run-in tide has been the most productive time.

Further up the inlet, there have been a few large gummy sharks caught above the Double Islands in the shallow water. There have also been good size pinkies jumping out of the water taking a variety of presentations. This is something different and the first time that even old timers can recall such an event. There are many theories, of course, but not much in the way of fact and no doubt the reasons for such behaviour will continue in the minds of many boaters.

Outside the entrance there has been plenty of activity with whiting caught in good numbers to the 45cm mark. Mixed in with them have been garfish and good size flathead. In the deeper water there have been very good numbers of gummies with many in the thumper bracket. It is not uncommon for boaters to release the big fish in the belief that they may be females.

Recently, I received a call from a local boater who travelled to a spot near Pyramid Rock looking for a mako, which are around in fairly good numbers. It wasn’t long before there was an enquiry on the heavy gear and the battle was on in earnest. This was a big fish and it seemed to be getting the better of the three-man crew who decided to radio for help after fighting the huge fish for around six long hours.

As the rescue boat arrived, the battle was suddenly over when the line went slack and all that was brought aboard was a severed wire trace. The skipper reasoned that the big fish was gut hooked and over six hours wore through the trace. All he and his crew had to show for his efforts was exhaustion and the thought that they were beaten by a big mako, which had the last laugh!

Information from the caravan park at Shallow Inlet is that the fish have been going very well. Whiting seem to be everywhere and whoppers to the 45cm mark have been taken in very good numbers. The fish have been caught at low water on both sides of the tides and mixed in with them have been good numbers of gummies.

It is not uncommon for boaters to bag out, and many are throwing the bigger fish back into the water, as they may be females in pup. This is common sense, as there seem to be plenty to go round.

Quality snapper are also being bagged as well as flathead and silvers. The fish don’t seem to be fussy, which is great news and this should continue as long as the conditions allow.

Outside in Waratah Bay, there are reports of kingfish bagged on a variety of presentations.

I have received information from quite a few boaters who have caught unusual numbers of small whiting out wide. They have been surprised and there is a feeling that kingfish have taken a toll on the larger royals. Of course, this is a theory, but it might just have merit as kingfish have also been caught in numbers in the same area.

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