Green machine firing on all cylinders
  |  First Published: April 2016

The main arm of the lake has been producing the goods of late, with anglers picking up a good number of cod in the shallows early in the morning right on sunrise. These angler have been using dark coloured spinnerbaits and casting at lay-downs and rocky structure, but once that sun pops over the hill, you will have a better chance by going deeper around the 30ft mark.

I’ve had great success with large spinnerbaits with a large plastic yabby pattern, and often I’m almost jigging vertically while using my drift to cover as much water as I can. You only need to lift the spinnerbait about a meter off the bottom with each lift. When using this method, you will get smashed on the drop and if you are not paying attention the fish can get an advantage on you and before you, and before you know it, it’s got you in the snags.

I highly recommend using a stinger hook on all spinnerbaits. It is a personal taste thing, but 95% of my cod are hooked on the stinger and my hook up rate has improved immensely since using it full time.

It’s also very important to make sure your hook is sitting right with your plastic of choice. Sometimes I make an incision down its back and slot the stinger inside it and secure it with tiny little cable ties in the same colour as the bait. Super glue is the best option when using more solid types of plastics, but I believe presentation is so important. The same goes when using large softies on weedless rigs.

It’s been slow as on the redfin and the yellas of late, but the humble old trout has been a bit more consistent lately. I picked up a nice 2lb brown on a TN-60 Jackall flicking for cod and yellas the other day land-based near the dam wall, and a nice cod of about 80cm came out of nowhere and tried to eat it! I spent the next 2 hours trying to entice the green fish to eat my lures, but it was not to be.

Isaac Beevers picked up a very impressive 140cm and around 30+ kilos with a fight that lasted for an hour. The big beast swam away nicely after a few quick photos.

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