Central Vic Lure Casters Super Series
  |  First Published: March 2016

Round One of the Central Vic Lure Casters Super Series was held on 17 January at Peppin Point, Lake Eildon, a lake known for giant golden perch and healthy Murray cod. Lake Eildon is approximately 177km from Melbourne, covers many acres and holds huge amounts of water that is teeming with green and gold.

It was a crisp morning, and with a forecast to reach 33°C, many anglers expected some great fishing. However, as the anglers headed out at 6am, this was not the case, at least in the lower end of the lake towards Bonnie Doon, where the water was dirty. Many anglers opted to head towards the dam wall area, where the water had clarity of up to 2m. As the sun started to rise, many anglers hoped the fish would start feeding as per their usual pattern, but most were left disappointed and having to cast their arms off. I concentrated on the rocky points, a technique that has payed off many times while chasing redfin and golden perch, but not this time as I finished up with only three carp. The afternoon came around fairly quickly, and it was time for everyone to head back and register the fish that they had caught. A total of thirty fish were caught between the 109 anglers that registered. Compared to previous events held at this venue, the results were decidedly disappointing.

Despite this, everyone had a great time and it was fantastic to see a fair few families out there getting among the great outdoors, even the young guns.

Total fish per species caught

Murray cod8
Golden perch8
Reads: 990

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