River run-off ramping up fast!
  |  First Published: March 2016

After the recent early rains the late February and early March run-off, barra fishing has been amazing. Local freshwater areas have been getting many decent fish but looking for those run-off brackish spots where the barra are sitting is definitely the best way to go.

In other news, the rains have once again brought out the prawns and the king threadfin salmon are on fire. 

Fitzroy and the Narrows 

The river has been insane of late with great reports of king threadfin and barra, and surprisingly enough, the size of the bait schools have been insane. People have been catching multiple squid in their cast nets at the old pontoon. There have also been massive schools of herring and mullet, and as a result there’s been a more frequent catch rate of bream, flathead and other similar species up at the town reaches.

This has many people in discussion about the recent Nets Out QLD program. The correlation between the mass amounts of bait and the uncommon species in the town reaches can’t just be a coincidence…

People have been out enjoying the burst of life and the great fishing that has come with it, you only have to look at all the photos to see that! 

Rivers, Creeks and the Beaches

The local creeks leading into the river are still trickling with freshwater run-off, so finding the areas where this water meets the tidal saltwater makes for brilliant fishing. A variety of species can be found in these areas but the most predominant fish is barramundi. Using a deep diving 5-8cm lure is a great start for fishing these areas.

Many of the fish are smaller barra trying to push up into the fresh to grow and get the plentiful supply of baitfish, however there are quite a few large specimens around that can be lost as quick as they hit the lure.

Other notable improvements since the zoning re-structure is the amount of fish species in areas that I have not caught many of, but all of a sudden there are quite a number of them, and one such species is the giant herring.

On another note, the beaches and creeks are all fishing well with a plentiful supply of bread and butter species, especially flathead. The amount of baby flathead lays around the beaches now is just ridiculous, so get pumped for a great 2016! 


The freshwater lagoons are fishing well enough now that the rains have fallen. Before they got quite dry and not many people were venturing out that way.

The humid days followed by nighttime rain really fired the place up and surface lures have never been closer to the top of the tackle bag that I keep in my car.  


Crabs have been on fire lately, with some massive claw photos, circulating social media. Its great to see the amount being caught. A few customers have said the bigger crabs they have caught have still been a little empty, however those big bucks were caught quite deep. Anyone catching them on mangrove fringes have all said their crabs were full.

A pack of mullet heads will always do the trick for a day out crabbing and is a well-known bait that is in plentiful supply in local tackle stores and can prove to be a far cheaper option.

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