Expand your options with the ‘other’ perfection loop
  |  First Published: March 2016

Following on from last edition’s loop knot with the same name, this month we look at the other version of the perfection loop; this version is a completely different knot, with a completely different purpose.

To tie the knot internationally known as a perfection loop, the knot-tier forms a loop with a second loop behind it, then the standing end is run between the two loops, and the second loop is passed through the first loop.

Also known as the ‘angler’s loop’, this knot is used to form a loop in the end of a leader. That loop in the leader can then be attached to a tippet (thus creating a quick change loop-to-loop connection for fly fishing) or the loop in the leader can be looped\attached to an eyed-sinker (such as when tying up a bottom-basher paternoster dropper rig)


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